We Louisiana folks love teasing our Yankee friends about our mild winters. Thanksgiving with the AC running. Christmas in shorts while they shovel snow. Some winters are milder than others. But this year, some folks have put out a “missing person” report on our winter and spring. It’s only March and our late spring and
Have you heard of TAP insulation? Recently, the government passed a tax credit to refund home owners a percentage of their investment when purchasing this product for their homes. But what is it and why should you invest in it? TAP Pest Control Insulation boasts multiple benefits and is a cost-effective improvement you can make
Winter is upon us which means we start up the fireplace and enjoy some time indoors. The unfortunate part, we’re not the only ones who enjoy doing so! Pests are drawn to the warmth and refuge of our homes, finding their way in through cracks and holes under sills, around the foundation, and along eaves.
Harmonia axyridis By Daniel Hill, Service Supervisor Aka harlequin, multicolored Asian, or Asian ladybeetle. Let’s go with that. It’s time to shed some light on the bugs you’ve seen flying all over the place in and out of your home. I’d also like to be the factual authority on all the rumors about them, as well
You may have already heard that bioremedial foam treatments are a type of pest control which are gaining popularity with many types of businesses and that this type of treatment is particularly helpful for restaurants. If you are not sure what a bioremedial foam treatment is, it is the use of a foam that contains
Restaurants have a lot of options when it comes to pest control. These measures literally help keep flies out of the soup. But considering the wide range of options, what makes Bioremediation Foam Treatments different than other treatments? Bioremedial Foam Treatments works on the basis of microbes ridding the environment of waste. Not only do
Bioremedial Foam Treatments make for a great solution to the woes restaurants face from pests and the buildup of organic matter. Here’s why: The Bioremedial foam is completely safe in sensitive food-handling environments because it uses microbes that naturally occur, so they’re likely already present in your restaurant. Instead of introducing harsh foreign chemicals, the
Bio-Remedial Foam Treatment…the name sounds pretty complicated, but in actual fact it’s a very natural pest control solution. Let’s dig into the explanation of the treatment and give you a few reasons why we recommend you consider it for your restaurant. What exactly is Bioremedial Foam Treatment? The treatment is a natural way of ridding
homeowner attempting to treat an infestation in the garden
Pest control is something that every homeowner will have to deal with eventually. Whether it’s rodents, termites, bedbugs, or hornets, there is an entire world of pests out there that can be challenging and expensive to deal with. For this and other reasons, there is a strong temptation to deal with an infestation by yourself
bug fly at rest on home
Having pests crawling all over the place where you live is more than annoying and inconvenient, it’s harmful to the overall health of your family. They bite, bring you diseases, taint the food you have stored, and cause damage to your property. For these reasons and more, pest control is important in order to keep