Termites are termites, right? Well, sort of! Sure, all termites are on the hunt for food and water. And unfortunately, food is often found in the form of your home. But knowing what kind of termites are behind an infestation is important, as it helps us create a treatment and prevention plan that will successfully
Spring is around the corner, and along with the warmer weather, pests will soon come out of the woodwork. Of these pests, the termite in particular is one you don’t want to mess with! Is your home protected from these cellulose-chewing, destructive intruders? Here’s what you need to know about them and how you can
Termites can do some incredible damage to wood structures. Worst of all, they do this quickly, efficiently and without many homeowners even knowing that it is happening. Termites are present in 49/50 states These insects are found throughout the United States, excluding Alaska as they cannot live in extremely cold conditions. And they are a
When selling a home, it is essential that a number of checks are carried out. These include structural, electrical and plumbing. With termites found in almost all US states, checking for these insects is also highly recommended, especially as some lending institutions require this before giving a mortgage to a potential buyer. For this reason,
Although not always a requirement, having a house checked for termites is an extremely good idea, especially when the house is in the process of being sold. As a realtor, you have probably witnessed a few cases where problems were uncovered after a sale goes through… and it can be ugly. In the case of
One thing you should know about termites is that you can never let your guard down. Even in the fall and winter? Yes, even in the fall and winter. Termites will dwell in and munch away at your home at whatever time/season they see fit. Here’s everything you need to know: The Only Thing Termites
If cells are the building blocks of life, then consider cellulose as the building block of wood. Unfortunately, termites absolutely love to feed on cellulose. They prefer to feed on natural living things that contain cellulose, such as tree stumps, limbs, and branches. They also love to eat building materials that are made of cellulose
Termites are one of the worst pests out there for homeowners to deal with. Unlike larger vermin such as mice, rats, or even other insects, the danger that termites represent is increased because it can be very difficult to tell that they are even present in a home, and often not until it is too
Termites are a particularly annoying and dangerous pest to deal with. One thing that is so irritating about them is that unlike many pests which are much larger, they can easily cause structural damage to a wooden building. The worst part is that you might not notice that it’s happening until it’s too late. However,
Termites are a big threat to wooden structures of all types and in particular, to homes. It is estimated that every year, termites cause around 40 billion dollars of damage to homes and other buildings worldwide besides damaging around 600,000 homes just in the United States. With the growing concern over various environmental issues like