Do you enjoy keeping your house warm and cozy? Most of us do, unfortunately, wildlife will be drawn to your home for the same reasons you enjoy being in it. Though some of them will seem cute and fuzzy from afar, they can pose a real threat to you, especially if they manage to enter
squirrel in a tree
A wet winter isn’t just a hassle for human beings, it also causes disruption to wild animals and their habitats. One of the byproducts of a stormy few months is facing the possibility of an infestation if a home or property owner is not properly prepared and defended against these rodents. You don’t need to

A Closer Look at the Opossum

While Louisiana is home to all kinds of pests, one particularly unique type is the opossum. Although many may know these creatures from the cliché, “playing possum”, which references their instinct to play dead when threatened, these pests aren’t necessarily always going to roll over. Identifying an Opossum Opossums look like large rats, with gray

Are Raccoons Dangerous Around My House?

Raccoons don’t have the best reputation. They are often known as being mean, aggressive and “dirty” carriers of the rabies virus. In fact, many people consider all raccoons to be rabid, and they panic when they notice raccoons hanging around the house. While you certainly would never want to approach a raccoon, having them around