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As soon as you suspect bed bugs in your property, it’s important to call a professional bed bug exterminator. Left untreated, bed bugs spread quickly and infestations can become worse. Locating and getting rid of all bed bugs always requires the help of an experienced exterminator. A professional pest control company such as Dugas can not only control any live activity of bed bugs in your property, but also make sure you never have to deal with an infestation again.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

The main danger of bed bugs is the fact that they can spread so easily. And although they are not a serious medical threat, bed bugs of course feed on blood meals and bite their victims during the night. Bites may result in itchiness, inflammation, burning, and—in serious cases—welts.

Some people may not experience symptoms, while others can react more poorly. Bites often appear in lines or zigzag patterns on the body. As with any bite, it’s important to seek medical attention from a professional if you experience any odd symptoms from bed bug bites.

DIY bed bug treatments

It’s easy to understand why many people want to treat pests in the home with DIY or all-natural methods. Unfortunately, DIY or natural products simply cannot be used to treat bed bugs. Some of the so-called natural bed bug treatments include moth balls, dryer sheets, tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, and baking soda. None of these will be effective in completely controlling an infestation. Bottom line, a professional exterminator is always needed to fully remove bed bugs from your property.

Reliable bed bug extermination

Bed bugs are elusive pests, and exterminating them requires the expertise of a professional pest control company. Dugas Pest Control is dedicated to providing excellent bed bug removal services, responding to customer needs, and using environmentally responsible solutions whenever possible. To learn more about how our exterminators can control bed bugs in your property, give us a call!

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