10 Interesting Facts About Spiders

Learning about spiders in Baton Rouge LA - Dugas Pest ControlOver the years, our spider exterminators have helped out many arachnophobes around the Baton Rouge LA area. While there are a few species of spiders that you should have a healthy fear of, the vast majority of spiders around us are harmless. We believe that less people would be afraid of spiders if they knew more about them, so we’ve laid out 10 fun spider facts for you to read through. We hope you leave with a new appreciation for these creatures!

10 Interesting Facts About Spiders:

  1. They’re all over: Recent research shows that you’re very likely to be no more than 10 feet from the nearest spider at any time. There’s nothing to worry about, though—spiders would much rather hide than confront anyone.
  2. Spiders are diverse: There are over 35,000 identified species of spiders in the world, and scientists believe that many more are yet to be discovered.
  3. Spiders like to dance: Many male spiders’ courting practices involve an arm-waving, scuttling dance routine. The process can last for up to 50 minutes in some cases!
  4. Male spiders are generous: Another common courtship tactic that some spiders practice is gift-giving. They will capture a small insect and wrap it in silk as an offering to a female of their liking. However, some spiders cut corners by wrapping up leaves or other junk.
  5. Female spiders get violent: Varying by species, many female spiders will kill or eat the male spider before, during, or after copulation. The motive spurs from anything from an unsatisfactory courtship attempt to creating a source of nutrition for her future offspring.
  6. Most spiders are harmless: All spiders are venomous, but it takes a considerable concentration of venom from a spider bite to seriously harm a human.
  7. Spider silk is liquid: Before it is spun into a web, spider silk sits as a liquid in their spinning gland. It solidifies upon contact with the air.
  8. Spider silk is stronger than steel: Although they seem weak, spider webs are actually 5 times stronger than steel! They are only easily broken on account of how thinly they are spun.
  9. Silk has multiple purposes: While spider silk is most famous for its use in webs, spiders also use silk as transportation, whether walking across long stretches of it or using it to float through the air. Some spiders also build tunnel-like nests with it.
  10. Spider muscles are strange: Unlike us, spiders can only retract their muscles, not extend them out. To push their limbs out again, spider pump a special fluid through them. It is this same fluid that some spiders utilize to jump long distances.

Expert Spider Exterminators in Baton Rouge LA

While most spiders in Baton Rouge want to leave you alone and can’t cause you any harm to begin with, there are a few spiders to watch out for around here, like the black widow and the brown recluse. Even if you’re only dealing with harmless house spiders, we understand that it can be unsettling to have them all around your home. If you need to get rid of spiders, reach out to our spider control team at Dugas Pest Control today for a free estimate!

10 Interesting Facts About Spiders in Louisiana

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