5 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your House this Winter

Keep Pests Out of Your House this WinterWinter is upon us which means we start up the fireplace and enjoy some time indoors. The unfortunate part, we’re not the only ones who enjoy doing so! Pests are drawn to the warmth and refuge of our homes, finding their way in through cracks and holes under sills, around the foundation, and along eaves.

Don’t want to share your space with pests? We don’t blame you.

Follow these five simple tips to keep pests out.

#1 Inspect Your Home

Check every nook and cranny of your home to make sure that there are no enticing holes or openings that a pest can wriggle its way through. Be systematic about it: start from the foundation and move up from there. Look out for signs of animal activity, such as small tunnels or chewed wood.

#2 Seal Up Any Openings

Keep any holes blocked up by caulking them, especially around pipes and the foundation. For larger openings, use low-expansion polyurethane foam. You can seal chimneys and flues with high-temperature caulk or aluminum flashing. Look out for holes or tears in window screens or over attic vents – repair or replace them where necessary. You can also seal drafty doors by weather-stripping them or using a door sweep.

#3 Remove Moisture

Moisture attracts pests, so it makes sense to keep areas clean and dry. Leaky pipes under sinks and in walls need to be sealed or replaced. Allow air to circulate to dry those areas out. Alternatively, use a dehumidifier to wick away naturally-occurring moisture. Leaky roofs also need to be tended to and repaired.

#4 Clear Out Things That Attract Pests

Pests look for food and bedding in the winter, so remove anything from your home that could be attractive to them. One obvious place to start is the trash can. The potent smell of rotting garbage is appealing to hungry pests. You can deter them by spraying the can with bleach or ammonia. Pet food is also another natural source of food for them. Make sure you seal your pet food and store it away from the doors if stored inside.

Pests such as stink bugs, termites, and Boxelder bugs will use firewood for bedding. They love to make their homes within wood piles, building a warm and cozy residence there. However, they will most likely want to move into your home after setting up camp in your wood pile, so it’s advisable to keep the pile as far away from your house as possible. Storing the wood off the ground and away from trees is also advised.

#5 Get Professional Treatment

Making sure you cover all your bases when it comes to keeping your house pest-free can be a time consuming and involved process. However, a professional treatment can make it significantly easier. Professionals are trained to look out for signs of infestations that are often hard to spot while creating an environment that keeps pests out for the long term. It’s a proactive solution that keeps your home protected so you can enjoy time inside pest-free.

Dugas Pest Control is the premier pest control professional in southern Louisiana. From residential to commercial, we provide top-quality service that can put a permanent stop to unwelcome visitors. Our professionals are trained to locate and eliminate infestations, remove nesting sites, and close up entry points to keep pests from setting up base in your home.

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5 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your House this Winter in Louisiana

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