Asian Roaches are here in Louisiana

Asian Roaches in LouisianaHave you heard of Asian Roaches? If you haven’t yet…you’re about to!

The reason? Your neighbors are already talking about them.

Of course, no one wants to think about roaches if they don’t have to, but Asian Roaches are a new invasive species in Southern Louisiana, and we’re starting to see them at our customer’s homes.

Here’s what you need to know about this newly-arrived pest. 

How Can I Identify Asian Roaches?

Asian Roaches look almost identical to German Cockroaches. In fact, you might need to use a microscope to tell the difference!

However, they have very different habits and habitats.

Asian Roaches could also be referred to as “garden roaches.” Believe it or not, they would rather live outside. They love moisture, especially leaf litter and mulch. They’re often transferred to your yard in loads or bags of pine or bark mulch.

Asian Roaches are also strong fliers, traveling up to 120 feet on strong wings. They are attracted to light, light colors, and aren’t afraid of people (unlike most roaches who scuttle away when a light comes on). So if you spot one in your house, it’s probably just attracted to your lights.

German cockroaches would prefer to be in your home. They love garbage cans and anything sticky, and they prefer dark places with no people around.

If you think you have Asian Roaches, a pest control expert can tell you for sure.

If Asian Roaches Stay Outside, What’s the Big Deal?

Even though Asian Roaches may not want to move into your home, they can be a real nuisance and even a danger. All roaches can transfer disease, so this is a health concern.

Besides that, Asian Roaches are aggressive and often displace the other kinds of roaches in an area.

Hundreds of thousands have been found in just one acre of land – when Asian cockroaches decide to move into an area, they usually become dominant.

With such a large population, strong wings, and the possibility of disease, these pests are undesirable to say the least, especially if you enjoy spending time outside your home. 

The Good News

Fortunately, Asian cockroaches aren’t as resistant to pesticides as German cockroaches.

However, their outdoor habitat means that traditional roach treatments designed for the interior of your home don’t work well to control them.

Dugas Pest Control is an expert in all types of pest control. If you suspect that you may have Asian roaches, don’t wait until they take over your yard. Call us and one of our expert technicians  will identify what types of cockroaches you have and eliminate them!

Asian Roaches are here in Louisiana in Louisiana

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