Avoiding Mosquito Problems in the Summer Months

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Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance; they carry disease and health risks that can be especially dangerous for elders and young children. And in case you didn’t know it, mosquitoes LOVE summer!

While you can’t stop the plague of mosquitoes in southern Louisiana all together, you can make smart decisions that will protect your home and your family from bites and other problems. The most important factor is that you prevent the pests from breeding, as this will greatly reduce numbers around your home while also reducing the risk of being bitten and spreading transferable diseases.

Tips for Preventing Mosquitoes from Breeding

If mosquitoes don’t have water, they can’t breed. Water is necessary for all stages of the breeding process, so eliminating this source is highly effective.

  • Empty out all outdoor things – watering cans, bird baths, swimming pools, barrels – that can hold water. If possible, turn them over so water can’t pool in them, or continue to dump out the standing water.

  • Maintain your swimming pool. Small plastic kid pools should be emptied regularly and stored inside when not in use. Larger pools should be cleaned and have chlorine levels maintained.

  • Prevent outdoor leaks. Window air conditioning units tend to leak, and the water will pool on the ground. Plumbing that runs outside can also be affected by the temperature, resulting in small leaks. Have these repaired immediately; it conserves water, too.

  • Empty and clean plant pans. These tend to collect excess water from the plants, and they are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Empty and clean the liners at least once a week.

  • Clean bird baths. We understand that you may enjoy having native birds come to your home, but bird baths are breeding grounds for pests. If you choose to have a bird bath, change the water and scrub down the bath at least once a week.

  • Mow your lawn weekly. Not only will your neighbors appreciate it, but also it will prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in tall patches of grass.

Tips for Preventing Mosquito Bites

By preventing mosquitoes from breeding, you’re doing your home and family a big favor. By working together, a community can make a real difference in mosquito problems! Unfortunately, the Louisiana weather and rains still produce a great place for mosquitoes to live, so you must continue to practice good habits when outdoors to protect yourself from bites. Here are a few helpful pointers for preventing mosquito bites.

  • Wear insect repellent on exposed skin and clothing. The best ones are EPA-registered, so look for this label.

  • Cover up sensitive areas. We know the LA summers are hot, but if you’ll be camping, there’s no reason not to wear a long sleeve shirt or pants at night.

  • Avoid mosquito prime times. This includes dusk and dawn, so avoid them when possible. If you are out at this time (we know how Louisiana residents love their fishing!), wear long sleeves and pants, a hat and insect repellent.

  • Support local programs in your area. You can learn a lot about what your community wants you to do to protect your neighborhood, such as by applying insecticides.

  • Know the symptoms of West Nile. By identifying West Nile early on, you can treat the symptoms. The most common effects include a fever, stiff neck, headache and disorientation. Seventy to 80 percent of people have no side effects, however.

Mosquitoes may be pests, but we have to share the environment with them. Thankfully, proactive measures go a long way in keeping your family protected. In addition to keeping mosquitoes away from the home, keep them out of your home. Make sure that all screens are tight-fitting and secured, with no holes or gaps. This will prevent other pests from staying out of the home as well.

If you need the help of professional help with mosquito control, don’t hesitate any longer.  Dugas Pest Control offers cutting edge technology using the Coastal Mister system to rid your property of mosquitoes.

Avoiding Mosquito Problems in the Summer Months in Louisiana

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