Baton Rouge Nuisance Wildlife 101

Dugas Pest Control provides humane wildlife trapping service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge LouisianaBaton Rouge is home to a wide assortment of wildlife and animals, many of which are able to coexist with people just fine. However, there are a number that can become pests, meaning they either damage your property or pose a serious risk to you and your family. Let’s take a look at three of the most common versions in Baton Rouge.


Raccoons are a common staple throughout Baton Rouge, whether you’re in the suburbs or the city. This is due in large part to the raccoon’s very non-discerning appetite. As an omnivore it may feed on fruits, acorns, insects, crayfish, fish, turtles, young rabbits, carrion, birds, and their eggs. However, raccoons will also go through your garbage to look for anything else it may feed on, which is quite the list.

Aside from their diets, raccoons can be real pests because of how well they survive alongside humans. Being nocturnal means most of us will never see them, even though they might find their way into our attics, garages, sheds, etc. This kind of fearlessness can be a real issue.

Worst of all, raccoons have a track record for carrying rabies. So waking up to find they got into your pet’s food is the least of your concerns. For this reason, never attempt to remove a raccoon from your property, rabies will make them hyper-aggressive and prone to attack. This can also represent a huge threat to your pets.


Opossums can grow to be about half the size as raccoons, but their bodies tend to be gray or silver with bright white faces, pink noses and ears like a mouse. Their teeth are thin and sharp and they have paws that resemble human hands with their four fingers and opposable thumbs. Long rat-like tails are also extremely noticeable.

These pests are also like raccoons in that they are extremely versatile when it comes to their diets and where they’re willing to live. While just about any swamp in the area will feature an opossum, they also love the type of shelter available to them on your property.

Fortunately, one major difference is that opossums don’t get rabies like raccoons. They are also extremely docile and would rather play dead than put up a fight. Still, cornering one is never a wise move.

Despite their perceived meekness, opossums are still an issue you don’t want to deal with. They can make a mess of your garbage, pet food and even your chicken coop. Opossums can also carry with them a number of parasites and diseases.


Squirrels are so common in Baton Rouge, you may have a hard time believing anyone could seriously consider them pests. However, squirrels can definitely become a huge problem if they get into your home.

Generally, squirrels will take the opportunity to enter your home through the attic. This is especially common during the winter, when temperatures around Baton Rouge drop and squirrels look for additional shelter. Fortunately, while they may cause some damage to the inside of your house, barn, shed, etc., they are rarely seen as a threat to your well-being.

That being said, squirrels are not opposed to chewing through telephone lines and electrical cables. If you experience issues with either in your home, it could be because squirrels are tampering with them.

Although these three pests may not always look like the most imposing creatures, it’s important that you have opossums and raccoons removed from your property as soon as you notice them. Dugas Pest Control is experienced at dealing with both. While removing squirrels isn’t always necessary, keep an eye out for problems with your property that may mean they’ve overstayed their welcome. In that case, Dugas can help too.

Baton Rouge Nuisance Wildlife 101 in Louisiana

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