What’s the Best Mosquito Prevention System for Louisiana Yards?

Dugas Pest Control provides mosquito control service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge LouisianaWhile the weather is still hot,  the abundance of annoying mosquitoes we experience in South Louisiana can leave you feeling drained!

These insects can carry several diseases – including the West Nile virus and Zika virus – both of which are spreading through the Southeast US, making them at best annoying and at worst, dangerous to your health.

Combating mosquitoes for over 60 years has inspired us to design the two BEST prevention systems for South Louisiana yards: what we in the industry call “barrier protection” and an automatic misting system from Coastal Mister.

But anytime you have two choices, you have to ask… which one is right for you?

What are your options? 

Option #1 – Barrier Misting System

Our team of professionals will come to spray your yard, creating a barrier around the property to ensure that no more mosquitoes venture into your yard.

  • A one-time spray treatment that usually lasts up to 21 days (dependent on the amount of rainfall)
  • Safe to be in the sprayed area just 30 minutes after treatment
  • Does NOT include chemicals that will negatively impact your grass, plants, pets, or people
  • Reduces the number of mosquitoes that you will see in your yard by up to 90%

With the barrier misting system there’s nothing for you to do except keep an eye on standing water, leaf piles, and other places mosquitoes tend to breed. Otherwise, you can enjoy your yard with minimal effort on your end. 

Option #2 – Coastal Mister System

The CoastalMister™ System is one of the most effective and reliable outdoor insect control alternatives for homes and businesses as it directly focuses on the areas where you spend the most time, immediately reducing your risk.

The natural Pyrethrum insecticide then sets to work to repel mosquitoes, flies, and gnats from the area over a prolonged length of time. It is a simple but effective process – remove the mosquito, remove the threat.

  • Kills and repels mosquitoes around pools, patios, porches
  • Automated technology sprays for mosquitoes at pre-set time during the day
  • Easy maintenance & professional support available
  • Each system is custom designed for your home

So, which is BEST for me? 

It really comes down to your specific needs and your preference as a property owner.

If you’re the type that likes to have the professionals show up regularly and make your yard is treated, than the barrier treatment is a no-brainer.

But, if you’re the type who prefers knowing your yard is being treated more frequently and you like the idea of having a “spot treatment” anytime you want, than a misting system might be a better fit.

And of course, there’s the cost consideration. A misting system will cost more up-front but may cost less to operate in the long term. One of our technicians will be happy to show you the cost of each and help you compare. 

We’ve got you covered!

You deserve to live “itch free”. Whether you’re a Barrier or Coastal Misting System seeker, Dugas Pest Control can keep your yard and home pest free all year-round.

If you’re unsure which solution is best for you give us a call! Our knowledgeable customer service agents and experienced and certified termite exterminators will find the best solution for you.

Schedule a FREE consultation and start enjoying your yard again in no-time.

How a love of animals led to a career in pest control

Meet Debbie!


She’s one of our pest control technicians and she’s been with us for almost 4 years now.

It might seem unusual that we have a woman working as a technician in our industry, but the pest control world offers wonderful opportunities for people with all sorts of interests.

You see, Debbie has always loved nature, animals, and the outdoors. In fact, she started out working at Audubon Zoo at just 18 years old!

After many years of working as a zookeeper, curator, and educator, she moved on to another career with animals: managing an animal shelter.

Even though both of these jobs had serious challenges and tough situations, Debbie has always loved helping, learning about animals and educating people.

Then one day as she was considering a career change, her interest in the natural world led her to us in what most people refer to as the pest control business!

It was an amazing coincidence – Debbie wanted to work outdoors and manage her own schedule, and our job post was the first thing she saw. She applied at Dugas, and the rest is history… 

Know Your Enemy

It seems like an unusual career change, but a love of learning about science and nature makes Debbie a great pest control technician.

“I’m not the annihilator,” she says, “but I know that pests can get out of control, especially with our climate and terrain. All the standing water this year is a perfect example.”

By learning how to identify bugs, knowing their habits, and staying aware of the dangers they present, Debbie has quickly become one of our top pest control technicians. Once she performs an inspection, she has the knowledge and expertise to determine the best way to solve your pest problem.

She loves the challenge!

Knowing the difference between similar-looking pests and their habits helps Debbie create a customized plan to keep your home pest-free as well as safe from the diseases they can carry. She even collects some insects to show to other technicians!

So even though it seems like a former zookeeper and animal lover with 3 dogs (and maybe a foster or two), 3 miniature horses, a Cockatoo, and a Macaw might not be what you expect in your pest control technician, Debbie’s interest in nature and knowledge about animals and bugs inspire her to solve pest problems for her customers each and every day.

Next time you see Debbie in one of our vehicles headed to a job, give her a wave! We promise she’ll smile right back 🙂

Don’t take any chances with West Nile virus

Dugas Pest Control provides mosquito control service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana Pretty much everyone in South Louisiana can agree that mosquitoes are one of the drawbacks of the warm summer season.

The stinging.

The buzzing of that one evasive mosquito – right in your ear.

And now… the danger to you and your family’s health.

With West Nile virus found locally, our customers (especially those who are expecting a baby), are taking no chances this summer. With so much standing water everywhere, mosquitoes have been especially persistent this year, and local mosquito control boards have ordered extra spraying to control the population.

Why worry about West Nile?

If an infected mosquito bites you, the most common illness contracted is called West Nile fever. Symptoms include fever, body- and head- aches, vomiting, fatigue and a skin rash.

About 1% of people get something called West Nile encephalitis or meningitis, which is extremely dangerous. This infection causes swelling of the brain, the membranes around it, and the spinal cord. The symptoms are more severe than West Nile fever, and additional symptoms like a stiff neck, disorientation, tremors, even seizures or partial paralysis can result.

Who’s at risk?

Anyone can contract West Nile, but some people have a higher risk if infected. People over 50, those with cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, and of course pregnant women are all at a higher risk. West Nile can cause brain damage in unborn babies, even in mild cases.

Pets can also be infected, although many flea and tick treatments also repel mosquitoes.

What can you do to protect your home and family?

You can take steps by staying indoors at dawn and dusk and using a personal mosquito repellent with DEET, but this only prevents bites without eliminating mosquitoes.

At Dugas, we control mosquitoes with a variety of techniques. Our mosquito suppression treatment reduces mosquito populations by up to 90%, and we offer 6-12 month annual programs to keep your yard mosquito-free year-round.

Our automated mosquito misting systems kill and repel mosquitoes around pools, porches, and patios during pre-set times of the day. They are easy to maintain and professional support is available.

Our technicians will also inspect your yard and around your home to identify places mosquitoes might live and breed, like standing water, overgrown or dead vegetation, and clogged gutters.

Contact us to learn more about our treatments to kill mosquitoes around your home or business.

Zika Virus Update- latest stats, trends and the Olympics

Zika virus is a relatively new disease that has spread very quickly and made it’s footprint across the world. As it becomes more and more widespread, there is more research being done, more action being taking, and more reporting to the public about how to protect themselves. Learn the latest on Zika including what we already know, what the CDC is doing to help, where it can be found, and the potential risks in relation to the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Brazil.

What We Know About Zika

In the beginning, there was very little known about Zika. Now, there are a few facts that the professionals have learned and can be sure of related to the disease. First of all, a pregnant woman with Zika can pass the virus on to her fetus. When the infection takes place during a pregnancy, there is also a stronger risk for various birth defects.

Researchers have found that aggressive daytime biting mosquitoes from the species called Aedes are where most of the infected bites come from. These insects can bite at night as well.

The Zika virus is also most commonly found throughout tropical areas making it unlikely that it will ever reach certain parts of the United States. However, there are some areas that do have the mosquitoes that carry Zika already.

What Action is the CDC Taking?

The CDC is taking action against the Zika virus to try and keep everyone safe. They are doing what they can to track Zika along with other mosquito-borne viruses throughout not only the United States but also the rest of the world. They are training as many people as possible to know the disease, find it, and accurately report it.

Healthcare providers are also being educated by the CDC on how to identify the virus. In the event the virus is believed to have been found, it is sent to laboratories for diagnostic testing. Experts are trying to find a link between Guillain-Barre syndrome and Zika as well. Furthermore, schools are educating the public about Zika and travelers are being provided with details and information from the CDC about exposing themselves to the virus when visiting areas known to carry Zika.

Areas with Zika


When considering leaving the country, you should be aware of what parts of the world have the Zika virus already reported. Several countries in Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Asia have cases on record of the Zika virus. The Caribbean, Central America, and South America all have active Zika travel notices as well.

US Territories

The US Territories have reported a total of 1,305 cases of Zika. All but four of those were acquired locally. Seven of the cases on file have been linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome.

US States

The United States does not have any locally acquired Zika cases, but as of June 8, 2016, there were 691 travel-associated cases reported. Eleven of those were sexually transmitted and two were related to Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Zika and the Olympics

Zika is spreading in Brazil making many people apprehensive about the upcoming Summer Olympics taking place in this region. It is recommended that pregnant women do not visit the area because of the risk the virus poses to an unborn baby. Those that are traveling are asked to remember a few safety tips to protect themselves and prevent the disease from being brought back to the United States.

Bug Bite and Zika Prevention Tips:

  • Any exposed skin should be treated with an effective and safe insect repellent
  • Long shirts and pants should be worn as frequently as possible to cover the skin
  • Stay inside in either screened in rooms or air conditioning as much as feasible
  • If traveling and staying to an area where there are no screens or air conditioning, use a bed net to cover yourself while sleeping

Unfortunately the threat that this virus poses is uncomfortable for most, and very harmful to those who are pregnant. If you would like to protect your home from any impending threat, the experts from Dugas Pest Control are prepared with our 3 flexible solutions. We offer a mosquito suppression treatment which can reduce populations up to 90%, we offer automated misting systems which can kill and repel mosquitos, and large area fogging. Being in the midst of summer when families are spending more time enjoying the outdoors, know that you can contact us to protect you against pesky mosquitos and the threats they can bring.

How to prepare your home for mosquito season

Dugas Pest Control provides extermination services for homesSummer brings warm weather and fun outdoor activities for you and your whole family. Unfortunately, it also brings with it pesky mosquitoes. Whether you are biking, swimming, or just sitting around a campfire, chances are you are going to be bitten at least once. In order to cut down on the potential risks that come along with mosquitoes, discover some effective ways to prevent them from taking over your backyard.

Eliminate Breeding Grounds

The most common place for mosquitoes to hatch is in open water. Eliminate the breeding ground of these insects by making sure there are no buckets, boats, low ground areas, pet food bowls, or rain gutters that sit with water in them for longer than 7 days. A week to 10 days is all it takes of the eggs of these bugs to hatch.

Keep Mosquito Predators

There are animals that eat mosquitoes that you can keep on your property to help in cutting down the population. Ducks and chickens will eat the bugs and so will fish and frogs. This may not eliminate all of the mosquitoes, but it will definitely help in keeping the population in control.

Keep Mosquito Repelling Plants

Geraniums with a rose scent contain citronella oil, a natural mosquito repellent. Lemon balm plant, catnip, and basil plant also ward off the annoying bloodsuckers. In fact, research has shown that the oil found in catnip is more effective than DEET. Plant some marigolds, horse mint, or ageratum around your property to help with avoiding a mosquito takeover as well.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are also effective when it comes to keeping the mosquito away. These can be found at just about any retailer for a reasonable price. Light a few up and set them around the perimeter of your deck or sitting area and the critters should leave you alone while you enjoy the warm summer nights.


To completely avoid mosquitoes altogether, you can sit inside of a screened in room. Make sure that all of the windows and doors of your home are fitted correctly with a mesh screen. They keep mosquitoes and other insects out and your fresh, cool air in.

Close Gaps

If you do have screens, it is essential to make sure that there are no gaps anywhere. Even if these spaces are very small, a mosquito will be able to seek them out and sneak in. There are screen patches and silicone that can be used to effectively close up any open areas.

Mosquito Netting

As an extra safeguard, you can use mosquito netting over the top of beds and cribs to protect yourself and your kids from getting bit during the night.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Look around your property to see if you have anything lying around that you are not using. Things like old tires, unused kid’s toys, and other junk as it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They will hold water making it a perfect habitat for the insect. Throw out what isn’t being used and they will have nowhere to lay their eggs.

Treat the yard

There are several different treatment options when it comes to applying something to your yard to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

If you would rather let someone else do the work, our professionals at Dugas Pest Control can come and take care of the lawn treatment for you. Not only will we apply a treatment, we are experts at dealing with mosquitos and can minimize their presence around your home. We can come and reduce your mosquito population by up to 90% for a party, on a monthly basis, or every 6-12 months. We can also install automated mosquito misting systems customized to your home which spray at a pre-set times each day to kill and repel mosquitos. We can even treat entire neighborhoods if you and your neighbors would like to team up against the mosquitos. Simply give us a call.

With the Zika virus infecting many people around the globe, now more than ever you should be proactive in protecting yourself and your family from being bitten by these disease carrying insects. If you cannot control the problem on your own, there are professionals out there that can help. Contact us today to learn more about how to properly prepare for the upcoming mosquito season.

Do Mosquito Magnets Really Work?

No one likes mosquitos. They pester us, ruin our summers, drink our blood, spread disease, and generally make our lives miserable when we’re outside. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that Americans spend millions on different tools and sprays to keep mosquitos away.

It’s also no wonder with all of the products on the market, that some of them just simply do not work. One in particular that won’t get you results is the trap-plus-attractant apparatus commonly known as the mosquito magnet.

Low System Reliability

Most mosquito magnets try to play off the fact that mosquitos hunt by tracking heat and CO2 from their prey. To confuse the mosquito, a magnet will oftentimes be heated and have a CO2 release. This will (in theory) attract the bugs to the trap where they will be trapped and killed.

Unfortunately, this has proven to have a dubious-at-best effect on the local mosquito population when tested in the lab. Studies have shown that most mosquito magnets are no more effective than a bucket of insecticide, and that mosquitos are actually clever enough to distinguish between the CO2 put out by a living creature, versus that which comes from a machine.

High Costs

Many mosquito traps use propane to poison the mosquitos around them, but this can prove extremely expensive. You’re talking about using a consumable fuel to kill insects, when the costs for that fuel do nothing but climb.

On top of that, mosquito traps tend to be pretty costly in general, and really don’t do anything beyond what a body spray might do. Imagine paying $200 for something that a $3 can of spray could have mimicked, and you start to see why mosquito magnets tend to instill many people with buyer’s remorse once they’ve purchased them.

No Lighting Arrays

It’s been proven that bugs are attracted to light. This is why bug zappers tend to work so well. With that in mind, you would think that more mosquito magnets would take advantage of this fact. Perplexingly, most don’t. They instead rely on their smoke or gas systems to do the work for them.

Not only does this mean that the mosquitos have a low chance of actually being attracted by your trap, but also they might be distracted by nearby light sources and avoid your trap altogether. In fact, studies have shown that lit traps oftentimes work at a much higher rate of success than traditional gas traps, but that doesn’t stop people from shelling out hundreds of dollars each year on worthless ‘mosquito killers’.

Poor Usability

Because most mosquito magnets use gas, they can only operate within an extremely limited range. After all, you don’t want to make anyone around you sick, or put anyone at risk. While this is noble, it also means that the traps are so limited in what they can do, that there is little to no point to them.

Most systems require multiple units to cover an area properly and must be placed carefully considering downdrafts and blockages like structures and fences. So, unless the mosquito happens to be within a couple of feet of the trap, chances are, it won’t do much. When you consider that mosquitos can cruise at 25 feet to hunt for prey, you quickly see why traps like this just don’t work.

High Maintenance

Not only are mosquito magnets costly, but they’re high maintenance as well. You wouldn’t think something like a mosquito trap would have a lot of bugs to work out (see what we did there?), but they actually tend to break down often, and their return rate is rather high. So, if the only bugs you’re looking to kill are the moths in your wallet, feel free to invest in a mosquito magnet.

We get it; when you’re desperate, you’re willing to try anything. The truth of the matter is, Dugas Pest Control is the local expert on mosquito treatments that actually work. Let our local team evaluate your surroundings, figure out where the spawning pools for your infestation are, and deal with the problems at their source.

We’ve made it our business to know how to kill pests, and when you hire us, that is exactly what we’ll do. You shouldn’t be afraid to go outside for fear of being bitten, and you certainly shouldn’t waste money on treatments that just don’t work. So, the next time you have a bug problem, call the solution.

The Coastal Mister System: Your Mosquito Control Solution

If you ask a longtime resident what the state bird of Louisiana is, they’ll usually tell you that it’s the mosquito. In Louisiana and most other southern states, especially ones with a warm, humid climate and a lot of precipitation, like Louisiana and Florida, mosquitoes are as ubiquitous as they are annoying.

Prevention, and chiefly habitat destruction, is paramount to combating this nuisance. Of course you are residences vigilant around your property, but maybe the guy across the street who is running an unofficial junkyard thwarts your efforts. However, even if mosquitoes are everywhere, it doesn’t mean that they have to ruin your outdoor gatherings.

It can be confusing to distinguish between the hundreds of treatment solutions out there of all kinds for mosquitoes and other insects. One innovative, and particularly good, treatment we’ve found is called the Coastal Mister System, available from your local pest experts at Dugas Pest Control.

We get many questions from our clients about the Coastal Mister System – what makes it unique, how it works, and how effective it is at curbing the populations of mosquitoes in a wide area including New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

The Coastal Mister System

The Coastal Mister System takes a somewhat different approach to pest control than most mosquito treatments. Most treatments are focused on killing adult mosquitoes and then removing their breeding grounds. While effective, this is a more general approach.

The Coastal Mister System instead focuses on the areas where you spend the most time, preventing mosquitoes and other insects from reaching those and therefore reducing the majority of your contact with them. The system uses high-tech sensors and misting technology to repel mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other pests from your home or place of business over a long period of time.

After the initial treatment, the Coastal Mister System uses a natural Pyrethrum insecticide that works to reduce their contact with you and your guests in the long run. Although it doesn’t treat breeding habitats that are distanced from your property, it doesn’t need to, because the protection is constant.

How it works

The Coastal Mister System is installed by setting up misters at regular intervals around your designated ‘bug-free zone.’ These dispense natural Pyrethrum insecticide over the area through misting lines, which are a series of tubes, nozzles, and risers that allow the insecticide to be released almost as a vapor rather than a liquid. This insecticide not only kills mosquitoes and other bugs that might be in the air, but also leaves residue on plants that are close by.

This means that more bugs that will use those plants for shelter will be affected by the insecticide. The system mists at regular intervals, meaning that the protection from the system is constant.

Mosquitoes spend a lot of their time living and breeding on plants and other locations near their sources of food, which means that the Coastal Mister System does a great job of curbing their populations.

The misting nozzles can be set up almost everywhere that they can connect to the rest of the system, too, meaning that you can attach them to trees, the side of your home, perimeter fencing, or a lot of other things.


A typical Coastal Mister System covers about 10,000 square feet of area around a home or workplace. A normal contract also includes inspection overviews and details for maintaining the low-mosquito populations that will be the result of installing the system.

The Coastal Mister System can be purchased in 6-12 month packaged deals, but it’s also available for a one-time-use such as a party or other gathering. Contact Dugas Pest Control to get rid of mosquitoes around your home today.

Chikungunya Virus: Coming to a Backyard Near You

Dugas Pest Control provides mosquito control service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge LouisianaIt is impossible to deny that we live in a globalized society. A huge portion of the things we use every day, from clothes to coffee, and fruit to beer, are imported from all over the planet. Especially in the West, sitting at the center of a globalized economy means access to all kinds of products from around the world.

Unfortunately, there’s a dark side to this kind of connection with the rest of the world – diseases carried by bacteria, viruses, and fungi travel the same routes that consumer goods do. While modern medicine and sanitation practices generally prevents these foreign diseases from spreading, every once in a while, something slips through the cracks and ends up here.

One of these diseases is the Chikungunya virus, which through afflicted mosquitoes has recently arrived in Florida and is sporadically affecting communities throughout the Southern states. This article is an overview of the virus and how it can be combated.

What is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is a virus with its origins in Africa. Its name is Mokande (the language of the Mokande people who are an ethnic group found in Tanzania and Mozambique) for “that which bends up,” referring to the joint pain that is a common symptom of the virus.

Chikungunya is primarily carried in animals such as monkeys, birds, cattle, and rodents, and is spread to humans (like many diseases are) through mosquito bites and intermingling blood.

The disease was spotted in the Caribbean last year, and then made landfall in Florida with its first reported case in the United States in late 2014.


The onset of Chikungunya is characterized by a fever lasting about two days. This is then followed by joint pain in the extremities from which the virus draws its name.

Other common symptoms include headaches, muscle pain, joint swelling, and a rash that is identified by its small red points.

Chikungunya has a mortality rate of 1 in 1000, but it can cause health complications in the elderly and people with existing medical conditions, particularly arthritis, which can be exacerbated by Chikungunya.

In very rare cases, chikungunya can last years, but chronic cases are largely the exception and most don’t last longer than a month.

Spread of vector

Like a lot of diseases, the Chikungunya virus is spread to humans by mosquitoes. In particular, two similar-looking species of mosquito are responsible: Aedes albopictus (also known as Asian Tiger Mosquito) and Aedes aegypti, which cheerfully is known as the yellow fever mosquito.

The greatest method of preventing Chikungunya, like malaria, yellow fever, and other diseases is mosquito prevention. Netting, spraying pesticides, and treating mosquito breeding habitats is the best way to avoid Chikungunya virus and other diseases also spread by mosquitoes.

Infection threat increases

Although it is unlikely that the Chikungunya virus will become an epidemic, there are still concerns about its spread in North and Central America.

Recently, the British government with the co-operation of the Panamanian government released genetically modified Aedes albopictus mosquitoes that were designed to reduce the population by spreading un-viable genes into the population. This was aimed to reduce the prevalence of these mosquitoes, which are the primary carriers of dengue fever.

However, one possible result of this is that Aedes aegypti, a very similar type of mosquito and a carrier for Chikungunya virus (but not dengue fever) will ecologically take the place of the waning Aedes albopictus population, and we will see a spike in Chikungunya infections as a result.

Whether this actually happens remains to be seen, but one thing remains as true as it’s ever been: getting rid of mosquitoes is a good idea.

The #1 Way to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

CoastalMister System Every time the summer rolls around, the mosquitoes seem to come out of hiding and wreak havoc for us all. If you have spent even one summer in Louisiana, then you know what it is like to live with mosquitoes. They cause very frustrating bites that itch, hurt, and turn red. If these are scratched too much they can even become infected. Mosquitoes are also responsible for a variety of different mosquito borne illnesses that can affect humans and their pets. The list of problems that come from these insects can go on and on.

There are different things you can try in order to rid your property of mosquitoes, like using bug spray, lighting citronella candles, and hanging up bug zappers. However, none of these things works very well. In fact, they don’t really do that much at all to completely eradicate the bugs. There is one solution, though, that will work.

The CoastalMister System

Have you ever heard of the CoastalMister System? This is a unique product that will actually work so that you can enjoy a mosquito free property. Here are some facts on how it can work for you:

  • This system is designed to use an insecticide that is completely natural. It is made from pyrethrum and it will kill mosquitoes on your property.
  • The system involves using tubes and nozzles to ensure the mosquito repellent is distributed evenly.
  • An electronic system on the unit allows you to control how often the system sprays, the length of time it sprays and how when it sprays. There are four different operational modes that allow you to customize the system so that it will work the most effectively in your situation. (Mosquito Control in Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • The four different operational modes include automatic, manual, remote, and timer.

The CoastalMister System is the #1 way to control mosquitoes on your property. It even includes a sensor that will pinpoint when the most ideal climates for mosquito breeding come up so that the system can kick in and start working for you right away.

Why It Works Better

Most outdoor insect controls just don’t work very well because they are spotty. They can only eliminate or deter mosquitoes in a very specific location. For example, citronella candles only work for a small radius around their flames. This means only parts of the outdoors will be mosquito free. If you wander outside a few feet, the insects will attack.

The CoastalMister System is different. Because it uses a series of nozzles all around your property, it will ensure the whole area is covered. That means every square inch can be mosquito free. That’s certainly a big difference from any other mosquito control option that you could choose.

It Doesn’t Just Repel Mosquitoes

Here is another benefit of the system. It does repel mosquitoes in a natural way, but that isn’t all. It can also repel flies and gnats, both of which can be big problems in Louisiana during the summer months.

If you have a problem with mosquitoes and you want to eliminate them, then you have good reason. Obviously, you don’t want to face the threat of illness and you definitely don’t want to deal with the itchy, irritating bites. That’s why you need the very best mosquito control device available. It certainly is better than other options and it will do a much better job. That means you and your family will be able to enjoy BBQ on the patio, playtime in the backyard, playing on the swing set, and more without ever having to worry about mosquitoes. For more information on the CoastalMister System, contact Dugas Pest Control today at (225) 238-1550.

The Easiest Mosquito Control System You’ll Ever Own

Have mosquitoes taken over your backyard?

Are you afraid to spend an evening outdoors grilling and watching a football game for fear of being bitten?

As much as you may try to avoid mosquitoes in your outdoor space, these pests are stubborn and have a way of taking over. Mosquitoes leave behind itchy bites and carry disease such as the sometimes fatal West Nile Virus.

When traditional pest control methods are no longer effective, you need a safe, family friendly mosquito system to rely on.

At Dugas Pest Control, we believe The CoastalMister Mosquito System is hands down the best mosquito control system on the market today. This system automatically sprays a fine mist of pyrethrum-based insect repellent at certain times of the day. The system repels and kills mosquitoes around the yard and gives homeowners the peace of mind that their backyard is safe and comfortable.

What Makes the CoastalMister System the Best?

If you’ve tried repellents that haven’t worked, we can understand that you’ll be skeptical with other types of products. The CoastalMister System is a different type of product, and it has been proven to work. The system has been built by some of the country’s finest entomologists and pest management professionals. The equipment included in the system is of the highest quality, and it can only be installed by licensed professionals, such as Dugas Pest Control. This is how the system sets the standards for perfection.

In addition to the actual construction and mechanism of the CoastalMister System, the best insecticides are used. Dugas Pest Control will determine the right product, formulation and dosage based on your needs. Generally speaking, a pyrethrum-based insect repellent will be used, and these repellents kill adult mosquitoes. The mist that goes off not only targets mosquitoes, but also rids the property of flies and gnats, which are also responsible for drawing in mosquitoes.

Does the System Require a Lot of Maintenance?

We know you’re busy, and the last thing you need is another system to work with. Fortunately, the CoastalMister Mosquito System is maintenance free. The spray duration, frequency and timing are controlled by an electronic mechanism so you never have to worry about a thing! If you do want control, there are four operation modes: fully automatic, manual, remote control and timer function. So, if you want more coverage, you can operate the system from indoors and provide yourself and your guests with additional protection.

The CostalMister will need to be refilled, and this depends on how often the system goes through the repellent. Once your individual usage is calculated, your installer can tell you how often the repellent will need to be refilled. The good news is that you can set the system to spray more repellent in the summer and fall when mosquito numbers are worse, conserving the mists in the winter when the threat of mosquitoes is lower.

Benefits to Choosing the CostalMister System

Louisiana is home to mosquitoes, and if you’ve been struggling with them in your yard, now is the time to take control. The CostalMister System can be installed by a professional from Dugas Pest Control, offering the following benefits:

  • Intuitive operation, as the system is set to the size and layout of your yard

  • Effective pyrethrum repellents that kill and repel mosquitoes, gnats and flies

  • System focuses on the areas where you spend the most time

  • Hands-free, no-fuss operation

  • Nozzle and tubing are hidden for a seamless look

  • Peace of mind that your family is protected from mosquito-borne diseases

  • System starts working immediately from the time of install

The CoastalMister Mosquito System is a wonderful option for families, but it also works well for businesses. As we learn more about the types of diseases that are spread from mosquitoes, it becomes more important for everyone to work together to decrease the mosquito population around our homes and businesses. The CostalMister System removes the threat from the equation and offers the unsurpassed peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to protect the people that matter most.