Common Property Management Concerns

Pest Concerns for Property Managers

As a property manager of condominiums, apartment complexes or other multi-family environments, pest concerns are often a common issue. Properties utilized by large numbers of people are often vulnerable to bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, wasps and rodents, to name a few.

Not only do they pose very real health risks to tenants, they can also cause damage to the very structure of the building. An especially terrifying example is when rodents chew through electrical wiring, causing electric fires.

When pests move in, other than having to deal with the particular set of issues they bring along, another potential headache is managing the expectations of tenants. Tenants expect a safe and clean environment to live in.

With rodent or other pest infestations, this trust is broken, leading to increased vacancy rates and rent reduction. Understandably, preventing pests is a top concern for property managers.

Potential Pests

Infestation often occurs when the entry points to a property face structural defects, which allows easy access for pests. The lack of knowledge and awareness on the tenant’s part about the need for active pest prevention could also be a cause.

The highest risk of infestation goes to rodents and pest birds at 90%, followed by crawling insects at 85%, then bed bugs at 80%, food and textile pests at 75%, and lastly flying insects at 20%.

Here is the info you need to know about potential pests:

Bed bugs. While bed bugs are commonly thought of as a result of poor hygiene, that’s not actually the case. Though the good news is that they pose no actual health risk to humans, they are still a real headache, and one that is plaguing the country at higher rates than ever before. Removing them yourself is also a hassle, as they are small and usually multiply quickly.

Rodents. Rats and mice often enter buildings in search for food, through openings in walls, open basement windows and even vertical gutters. Rather than wait for an infestation to happen, prevention and early detection are key. Voles and moles are also forms of rodents that could potentially destroy landscaped gardens, parks and green areas.

Fleas and Ticks. Crawling pests like fleas and ticks are attracted to warmth, food and water, making boiler rooms, private and communal kitchens appealing breeding grounds. As they can reproduce quickly, it’s important to detect them early, before they multiply and spread disease-causing germs to tenants and their pets.

Termites. Certain kinds of conditions are particularly attractive to termites, depending on their particular type: dry wood or subterranean. Dry-wood termites feast on dry wood, while subterranean termites prefer the insides of wood structures, covering their tracks with mud or dirt. Termite infestations need to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible, to prevent serious structural damage to the building.

Roaches. Hardy pests that can survive for long periods of time without any food or water, roaches come in several varieties that could take up unwelcome residence in your building.

Dugas Pest Control Solutions

Our team is trained to confront the any pest problem through education, early detection and proven elimination methods. By understanding the biological and behavioral nature of every pest, we can remove them quickly and efficiently.

Whether it’s termites, bedbugs, fleas and ticks, or roaches, we have the expertise to handle them all, and most importantly before they wreak serious havoc on your property.

Though it’s possible to set traps and use insecticide on your own, true peace of mind comes when you know that a professional job has been done to ensure that these pests will not return to disturb the tranquility of the property that you manage.

Call us now for a free estimate on pest control. With our regular inspections, prompt and efficient services, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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