Damage & Diseases Caused by Rodents

One of the many dangers of rodents in Baton Rouge LA is when rats chew through electrical wires. Dugas Pest Control can protect you from rats!If your property has been inflicted with a rodent problem in the past, you know how distressing they are. Rats and mice leave behind a huge mess, and contaminate any surface they walk across. Most concerning of all is the fact that rodents are capable of carrying and transmitting diseases, including hantavirus and salmonella. Because rat and mouse problems are so common in the Baton Rouge LA area all year long, it’s important to learn about the many dangers of rodents.

The Damage Caused by Rats & Mice

Rats and mice aren’t exactly subtle pests, and they can leave a big mess in their wake. Rats have incisors that never stop growing, which means they never stop chewing! One of the most dangerous things rats chew on are electrical wires. Needless to say, exposed wires can become a fire hazard. Additionally, rats and mice will tear up any type of material to create nests. If you’ve had an ongoing rodent infestation, you can be sure you’ll have a lot of clean up and damage to fix once they’re gone.

What Diseases Do Rodents Transmit?

The thing you need to worry most about if you have a rodent infestation is the diseases they can possibly inflict. Whether transmitted directly through human contact or indirectly through fleas and ticks, these diseases can cause mild to serious symptoms. If you suspect you’ve come into contact with rodents and are experiencing symptoms, it’s important to always consult a medical professional. Some of the most worrying diseases caused by rodents include:

  1. Hantavirus
    1. Most often found in the urine and feces of deer mice, hantavirus can cause symptoms from fever and chills to aches in pains. In serious cases or when it is not treated, it can lead to shortness of breath and kidney failure.
  2. Salmonella
    1. When rats and mice walk over surfaces, they are tracking dirt and bacteria across other food surfaces. Salmonella, commonly referred to as food poisoning, can cause severe stomach cramps, vomiting, and worse.
  3. Lyme disease
    1. This is of course transmitted by ticks, which are often carried by rats and mice. This disease is dangerous and can have long-term effects on health.

How to Get Rid of Rats & Mice

If you’ve discovered a rodent problem in your home or business, it’s best to act quickly to remove them. There are many dangers of rodents even after an infestation, which is why it’s important to enlist the help of a rats or mice exterminator. At Dugas Pest Control, we have the years of experience required to not only control active infestations but prevent future ones from happening!

Damage & Diseases Caused by Rodents in Louisiana

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