Dugas Pest Control Offers Expanded Northshore Service

Dugas Pest Control Offers Expanded Northshore ServiceIf you live on the Northshore and you’ve been suffering from any type of pest problems, your worries are over! Dugas Pest Control is happy to announce that we’ve been able to expand our services to the communities in these areas. We are now able to offer services to Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, and Hammond.

No matter the pest problem that might be pestering you right now, we’ll be happy to help. We offer a wealth of different types of services for all manner of pests. Let’s take a look at some of our services and why they are so important for the health and safety of those in your home or business.

Commercial Services

If you have a business, you know that any pests on the premises can cause a huge problem. Depending on the type of business you run, they could even cause the health inspectors to shut your business down. We’re proud to offer control services for office buildings, industrial facilities, strip malls, retail centers, hospitals and clinics, hotels and motels, restaurants, grocery stores, nursing homes, daycare centers, schools, and property management companies. No matter your type of business, we’ve got you covered when it comes to pest management.


Termites can wreak havoc on your home and cause expensive repairs. In some cases, the termite problem can actually become so bad that you have to abandon the home. We’re termites’ worst enemies, and we offer a number of options to deal with these little monsters. We offer pre and post construction treatment, baiting systems, Termidor service, and inspections so you can be sure your property is free from the insects.


No one likes the idea of bedbugs, but these bloodthirsty vampires are still prevalent in many areas. You might even unwittingly bring them into your home after traveling. We excel at dealing with bedbugs and can offer the right treatments to ensure your home is free of the pests. Getting rid of bedbugs is not something you can do on your own easily. There are always cracks and crevices where they can hide. At Dugas, we understand how bedbugs operate, and we can rid them from your home or business.


If you see one mouse or rat speeding across the floor, you can be sure that you have quite a few of these rodents hiding in your home. While some mouse traps and rat traps might get a few of them, you have no idea just how many of them are really in your walls or attic. These can be difficult pests to eliminate on your own, so you should let us help you take care of the problem.

We can provide you with a full inspection of your property to look for signs of rodents. Once we determine the extent of the problem, we’ll be able to eliminate this issue. We know the habits of these creatures, and we know the best ways to remove them from your home. We’ll set up the bait and traps and check them for you, and even give you some tips on how you can prevent other rodents from making themselves at home.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks like to make their home on your pets, and once the pet comes into the house, they might just find that you can make a nice host as well. We have a comprehensive flea and tick service that will help to ensure your pet and your home are free from these annoying and disease carrying pests. Just contact us and we’ll get to work on making your property the pest free place it should be!

Dugas Pest Control Offers Expanded Northshore Service in Louisiana

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