Experts Say Bed Bug Problems Will Get Worse in 2014

Out of all the different types of pests we deal with, there’s no doubt that people get the most “creeped out” by the possibility of having bed bugs.

For those people, this news won’t come as a welcome surprise…but unfortunately pest management industry experts are predicting that bed bug problems are going to get worse in 2014!

Bed Bug Basics

Despite their cute name, bed bugs are nothing you want to share your home with, much less your bed!  They’re tiny, wingless insects that can usually be seen with the naked eye.

Generally, their color is reddish-brown, and they don’t grow larger than a quarter inch. People have compared them to a small apple seed; except these small apple seeds can move and feed on your blood.

Dugas Bed Bug control and extermination in Baton Rouge and New Orleans Although they don’t fly and can’t jump, bed bugs are still able to crawl very quickly. Adding to their elusiveness is the fact that they only come out at night and, during the day, take to cracks and crevices wherever they can find them.

While they will absolutely bite you and feed on your blood, bed bugs don’t spread disease. Some people are allergic to them, however, and bed bugs leave behind noticeable marks from where they’ve fed.

Making matters worse is that they can be very difficult to get rid of, especially if you try the DIY route. That’s just one of the reasons why bed bug treatment is one of our more urgent service calls.

Why are Bed bugs on the Rise in 2014?

It was 2004 when industry experts in the U.S. first noticed a dramatic rise in bedbug infestations. Well, as it turns out, it seems the little guys are planning on celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Experts across the country agree that even the record numbers we saw in 2013 will be surpassed this year.

They cite reports like the Bugs without Borders Survey, which was done in 2013 by the National Pest Management Association. It found that 98% of exterminators they spoke to confirmed that they had encountered an infestation of bed bugs. This number was up from an already scary 90% two years prior.

Experts Say Bed Bug Problems Will Get Worse in 2014 in Louisiana

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