How to Get Rid of Moths in Clothes

What clothes moths look like in Baton Rouge LA - Dugas Pest ControlAre you experiencing moth problems in your closet or wardrobe? There are plenty of moth species to go around here in Baton Rouge LA, but one of the most prominent ones is the clothes moth. They live and breed in the spaces that we store our clothes, eating up their fabrics and tearing holes through them in the process. Being so small and having such a quick breeding turnaround, they can build up a significant population and cause serious damage before you ever discover them. If you’re looking for advice on how to get rid of moths in the closet, read on for some info from the experts at Dugas Pest Control!

What Is A Clothes Moth?

Clothes moths are a type of moth that feeds on animal fibers such as wool, silk, fur, felt, and leather for the woven protein, keratin, that forms their structures. If you find moths where you store your clothes, look for these features to identify them:

  • Around ½” long
  • Slender wings with tiny hairs
  • Ranging in color from beige to grey
  • Patterns and spots of different shades of brown along their wings

Pantry moths are another common moth species here in Baton Rouge, but they can be distinguished from clothes moths by their habits and some particular features. You’ll likely find pantry moths among your stored dry goods or baking materials, rather than your closet. They also have a distinct dark stripe that runs across their backs perpendicular to their outstretched wings.

How to Get Rid of Moths in The Closet

As is the case with many pests in the region, the best way to stop moths from eating your clothes is to keep them out in the first place. A good way to prevent moths is to store away your clothes that are out of season in sealable boxes. You can also choose to keep windows around your closet shut—this is how they often find their way to our wardrobes.

If you’re already dealing with closet moths, you’ve probably heard that mothballs are the best way to get rid of them. While the pesticide they contain is largely effective, it does make use of toxic fumes that can harm your pets and your family if left out in the open. There are non-toxic pheromone traps that are a safer alternative to mothballs—ask your local moth exterminators about which option they think is right for you.

Professional Moth Extermination in Baton Rouge LA

If your store-bought moth control choices aren’t cutting it, talk to your local pest control company. At Dugas Pest Control, our moth exterminators are equipped with a variety of safe and eco-conscious products and backed with decades of experience. We can quickly take out your moth problem and assess your home for the likely sources of infestation, helping you prevent moths on your own going forward. For a free quote or to learn more about how we get rid of moths in Baton Rouge LA, contact us today!

How to Get Rid of Moths in Clothes in Louisiana

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