Mosquito Control Tips for Louisiana Residences

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One long-standing joke that many Louisiana residents enjoy is that the mosquito should replace the pelican as the state bird. With their overblown regional prominence, there might be something to this idea! If you live around Baton Rouge LA, you know that it’s near impossible to avoid mosquito problems for most of the year, especially if you don’t take them seriously. This is why our technicians at Dugas Pest Control have decided to lay out all of the tips and tricks that we know to help you avoid mosquitoes on your property on your own!

Standing Water—The Number One Mosquito Attractant

Although they are frail insects and live short lives, mosquitoes as a whole are able to thrive every year due to their lightning-fast reproductive cycle. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water, so eliminating sources of standing water in your yard will help to prevent them from using your property as breeding grounds. Standing water often builds up in these areas:

  • Trash bins, buckets, and other containers
  • Gutters and drains
  • Birdbaths and wading pools
  • Old tires, tarps, and other clutter

Some standing water sources can’t be drained. If you have a pool in your backyard, make sure to keep it covered when not in use, and consider buying an agitator or fish for your pond, if you have one.

Other Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

As we know here in Louisiana, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid or remove stagnant water. With our climate and landscape, the Baton Rouge LA area is the perfect place for mosquitoes to live and breed. Thankfully, there are other strategies that you can try at home to control mosquitoes on your property. These include:

  1. Using insect repellent on exposed skin
  2. Installing fans in outdoor areas to block mosquitoes with wind
  3. Placing mosquito netting in high activity areas
  4. Planning outdoor activities in the midday, their time of least activity

Professional Mosquito Treatment in Baton Rouge LA

Many people find that their mosquito outbreaks are simply too large to handle without professional help. Our expert technicians at Dugas Pest Control are trained to conduct complete property inspections to determine the best strategy for a barrier treatment. We only use top-tier, environmentally responsible products that are safe for you, your family, and your pets. If you need the mosquitoes in your yard gone today, reach out to us for a free quote!

Mosquito Control Tips for Louisiana Residences in Louisiana

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