Pest Control Is Better When You’re Part of a Team – Meet Pest Technician Mary

Pest Technician Mary providing extermination services in Baton Rouge and St. Francisville When’s the last time one of your customers offered you a breakfast taco? 🌮

It happened to our technician Mary Branch just a few days ago!

We think it’s safe to say our techs and our customers are members of a mutual admiration society!

We Have the Best Customers EVER 💗

Mary says that her favorite thing about working as a pest control technician is the amazing customers she helps every day. She loves working to solve their pest problems and they love having pest-free homes and businesses!

Satisfied customers motivate Mary to do her best every day while she’s out in the field eliminating pests.

Besides having wonderful clients, Mary – like many of our techs – loves the outdoors. She enjoys being out and about and says she would prefer spending time around a campfire to being inside (unless there’s a football game on!). 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The whole Dugas team is on Mary’s side when she’s addressing pest problems.

If she runs into an unusual situation, she calls on the rest of the team at Dugas to help her create a pest control solution based on the local knowledge our techs have been gathering for over 60 years.

So when you call a Dugas tech, you get the entire team’s expertise!

Mary previously worked with a corporate pest control company, and she says there’s no contest when it comes to the inclusive environment at a family- and woman-owned firm like Dugas. Her “work family” is supportive and helpful, and everyone learns from one another on a daily basis. Each call is a chance to improve her skills and knowledge, and she’s happy to return the favor when her fellow technicians need a hand.

“Calling or texting another experienced local technician is way better than a Google search,” Mary says. “They know the area and the local pests, so they can give great advice if you need it.”

Summer Pest Field Report

Tawny “crazy” ants have been spotted in Baton Rouge, St. Francisville, and even farther afield. These bizarre ants congregate in colonies that can number in the millions. They’re tiny, and their frantic movements have given them their nickname of Crazy Ants.

Unlike most ants, these pests are attracted to electrical wiring, which means they can be VERY destructive to your property.

Talk about crazy !

One of Mary’s customers had an infestation that destroyed their A/C unit, and they had to replace the whole thing! Stay vigilant, and look for trails of tiny ants around your home, A/C unit, electrical boxes, even your car. If you see them, you need to act ASAP, as their huge colonies can move fast to destroy your wiring.

If you have had crazy ants in the past, you still need to stay vigilant, since these aggressive pests will try to come back if they can.

Termites may not be swarming anymore, but now that they have settled down in their new colonies, signs of termite infestation are cropping up around Baton Rouge and across southern Louisiana.

A customer in Lafitte called on Mary for their termite problem when tunnels were discovered near their home. Another home that had been flooded provided a ripe environment for termites, as it has been unoccupied and hadn’t been inspected for months. So if you have property that’s vacant, termite inspections are a must.

Asian roaches are also showing up in yards and flower beds everywhere. Unlike common or German cockroaches, Asian roaches typically stay outside, where they love to live in mulch or pine straw. Their tendency to stay outside is definitely a plus, but these pests could easily overrun your yard and “bug” you when you’re trying to enjoy some time outdoors.

Call on Our Expert Technicians to Combat Pests in Your Home of Business

If you have pest problems, Mary or another one of our experienced and certified techs can help!

Give us a call at or request service online for pest control service in Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Covington, and Metro New Orleans.

Pest Control Is Better When You’re Part of a Team – Meet Pest Technician Mary in Louisiana

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