Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pest Control Company

Pest control services in Baton Rogue LA - Dugas Pes ControlPest control is not an issue that you want to play around with. When you find that there’s been an infestation in your home, whether it be termites, ants, rats, cockroaches, or anything else, you want those critters gone as soon as they possibly can be.

So who do you call? A quick search for extermination services in your area will yield loads of results, but you’re the one that has to make the decision on who to call. Here are a couple of questions to keep in mind when you’re looking for the right pest control company.

Are your pest control treatments safe?

Some popular pesticides have been shown to contain chemicals that are harmful to plants, animals, and people that they aren’t intending to target. Ask your chosen pest control company if their products are:

  • EPA-approved
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Up to the latest standards of performance

At Dugas Pest Control, we take humane approaches to pest removal whenever possible, and never endanger our customers or the plants in their yard with toxic chemicals.

How do you decide your method of treatment?

Every home and every infestation is different. Ask a company that you’re considering what their method looks like when taking on a new client.

Our approach starts with a primary inspection, after which we develop a plan to make a return visit equipped with the right equipment and gameplan to remove the pests from your property and ensure that they don’t come back. Additionally, we will send a technician back to your home as many times as is necessary to rid your home of unwanted vermin.

Can I see reviews?

If a pest control company is truly professional, they should have nothing to hide. If you can’t find a link to their reviews on their website, ask to see what customers have said about them.

On the bottom right corner of all of our webpages, you’ll find a link to reviews that our customers have left us. We currently have a 4.9-star overall rating, spanning 662 different reviews! We have proudly and efficiently served customers all around the Baton Rouge area and are prepared to do the same for you.

Do you have licenses and insurance?

A trustworthy pest control company will be able to show that they have comparable licenses and insurance to the most established and reputable exterminators. It’s crucial that your trusted company has liability insurance to protect you against any further damage that is caused to your property during the extermination process.

Properly accredited companies should make the top of your list. Here at Dugas, we proudly present our certifications on our homepage, including our QualityPro certification and Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Can you prevent pests from returning?

A good exterminator stops a pest problem at its source. This means assessing the situation to find the reasons that it became an issue in the first place. As your local pest control companies what they do in terms of pest prevention. We at Dugas follow IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices, meaning that we prioritize long-term prevention that coincides with the vitality of the ecosystem.

If you’re having a pest problem right now, contact us today. We will set up a plan to inspect your home, determine the safest and most effective method of extermination, and promptly send out our experts until the job is done.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pest Control Company in Louisiana

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