Spring 2018 Louisiana Termite Field Report

Dugas Pest Control provides termite treatment and extermination service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge LouisianaEvery South Louisiana homeowners knows just how destructive termites can be to your home.

But do you know that even if you can’t see signs of these pests, they can still be hard at work chewing through your house – sometimes at the rate of a pound of wood a day!

We spoke to Branch Manager Daniel Hill about what he’s been seeing out in the field, so you can protect your property.

Termite Season is Intense This Year

Because of all the crazy weather we saw this year in South Louisiana – from warm to freezing – termite season will be especially intense.

Daniel says that the season started a little bit later than usual, but just as many colonies will be swarming. That means swarms will appear more frequently, and many colonies will swarm at once. You can think of them as “super swarms.”

The good news is that the season will still end on time, so this short but intense swarming season won’t continue through the summer.

How Far Will Termites go to Destroy YOUR Home?

Daniel has seen some interesting cases this year where termites have completely snuck up on unsuspecting homeowners.

Subterranean termites are named that for a reason – they live underground. Because of this they can sneak up on you and your home.

In one case, an inspection of a customer’s property revealed termites in a tree over 100 feet from the home. Further inspection revealed that they had actually tunneled all the way to the house and started making it their home from underneath. That’s why Daniel recommends a professional inspection – our fearless technicians will crawl through every nook and cranny of your home to ensure termites aren’t sneaking in.

Another customer saw no sign of termites – until they started chewing through the drywall! They had been hard at work without any sign of an infestation.

Termites Eat Like Crazy – and Not Just Wood

Since termites never stop eating, the search for a food source is constant.

But these hungry insects don’t just eat houses, they’ll attack anything with cellulose, including your vegetable garden! Daniel says that some customers have first noticed termites taking advantage of their gardens, before moving on to bigger sources of food on the property.

Other things termites might use as a light snack include trees, fences, mulch, and firewood. That’s why it’s important to keep the foundation of your home clear of anything that termites might use as an appetizer.

Moisture is also important, so keeping leaky hoses, puddles, or anything damp away from the foundation of your house is another way to help deter termites.

Dugas Can Give You Peace of Mind

If you see signs of termites on your Baton Rouge or New Orleans property, or if you just want to know for sure that they aren’t already hard at work, request a free consultation.

Spring 2018 Louisiana Termite Field Report in Louisiana

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