That Buzz in Your Walls Could Be Honey Bees

Honeybee found in Baton Rouge LA - Dugas Pest ControlWhat was once a faint hum in the distant background has swelled into a riotous racket. We know this problem all too well here at Dugas Pest Control. If you’re experiencing an unending buzzing coming from your walls this spring, it’s most likely a nesting colony of honey bees. Our technicians are trained to use the safest methods to remove honey bee nests from residential locations.

Why Are There Honey Bees in My Walls?

When honey bees swarm in the spring, they seek out suitable long-term nesting sites. If they can find a gap in the walls of your home that leads to safe and hidden interior space, they will not hesitate to start building their hive inside. Out in nature, bees tend to nest in the hollow spaces of older trees, so wooden homes are particularly susceptible to unwelcome bee colonies.

There are a few ways that you can prevent your home from a honey bee infestation:

  1. Close off potential points of entry, like gaps in siding, knot holes, and openings for wires and plumbing.
  2. Place window screens over openings that are required for ventilation.
  3. Regularly inspect your home for unknown vulnerabilities and new bee activity.

How to Get Rid of Bees in Walls

Once you’ve determined that there is a colony of honey bees living in your wall, the next step is to figure out the extent to which the nest has developed inside your home. Recent infestations can be removed fairly easily by trained bee removal specialists. However, if the nest has reached a critical size and population, certain extermination tactics must be resorted to. No matter the amount of bees, it is always a safe idea to contact your local pest control company before attempting to remedy the situation yourself.

Our technicians at Dugas Pest Control have a deep understanding of the necessities of the relationship between pollinators and our environment, and will always choose the most humane and ecological option possible for bee removal.

Bee Removal Services in Baton Rouge LA

If you can no longer stand the buzzing in your walls, call up your local bee control experts to conduct an inspection. Our technicians have helped families all around Baton Rouge safely remove honey bees from their homes, and are prepared to handle another spring full of bee infestations. For a free bee removal estimate, contact us today!