Baton Rouge bed bug info

You might have seen the news recently about the growing concern of bed bugs mass contamination across major cities such as New York, but does Baton Rouge really need to worry about bed bugs? After all, Baton Rouge is thousands of miles away, what harm can bed bugs really do here?


Unfortunately, bed bugs are already a problem here in Baton Rouge, but perhaps not on the large scale that they are in older, more densely populated cities like New York.

The other unsettling fact is that even if you don’t have bed bugs now, if you travel or have a visitor who brings bed bugs into your home a problem can quickly develop!

Due to their rapid reproduction cycles, if a bed bug contamination is not contained within 24 hours they can quickly spread throughout entire houses or buildings. Bed bugs are hard to view with the naked eye, but are able to travel in clothes, suitcases and cars for easy transportation. This means that a once they find a great feeding ground, such as your bed or home, bed bugs can be very hard to control thereafter.

Identifying bed bugs in Baton Rouge

Since bed bugs are tiny, microscopic bugs – they are very difficult to see or detect with the naked eye. However, you can look for signs of their existence in your environment by checking bedding and pajamas for specs of blood or bumps on your body.

Even though they are called “bed bugs,” they can be found anywhere in a residential or commercial building, although they are commonly found where people spend longer lengths of time stationary (such as the bed). People often pick up bed bugs when traveling, staying in hotels but sightings have even been found in homes, hotels and movie theaters all across Louisiana.


Spotting or specs of blood is the number one sign you have bed bugs in your home. Occasionally, you might have an allergic reaction to the bed bugs and may notice small bumps or bites on your body which may include a mild irritation.

But no matter what, if you notice blood, or bites, on your body or bedding you should immediately contact a pest control professional such as Dugas Pest Control in Baton Rouge to confirm and eradicate the bed bug problem before they populate inside your home and become out of control.

Minimizing the spread of bed bugs

In order to prevent them from taking up residence in your home or office in the first place, consider the following tips:

Make sure you don’t have fleas or ticks first. Many people who think they have bed bugs actually have a different pest problem such as fleas or ticks. A pest inspection can help make this determination.
If you travel, use the luggage stands in hotels for your suitcases or bags. Try to keep them off the floors and bedding.
When you return home from trips, wash your clothing on the hot cycle (and heat dry if possible) to kill any bed bugs you may have picked up during a trip
Avoid picking up used or discarded furniture such as sofas or bedding if you are not sure where they came from or if you have concerns they may have bed bugs. Often, those who have bed bugs get rid of their furniture or mattresses.

Dugas Pest Control Services in Baton Rouge

If you are concerned you have bed bugs in your Baton Rouge home or business, it is urgent that you call Dugas Pest Control. For best results you should contact us as soon as you suspect a possible bed bug infestation due to bed bugs rapid reproduction cycle. By calling immediately you can help prevent further contamination across Baton Rouge and Louisiana.