The Difference Between Commercial & Residential Pest Control

Pest Control When reviewing the various services that pest control companies in Louisiana offer, you’ll find that some businesses offer commercial or residential services, while others offer both.  Since pests are no stranger to the LA environment, we have many clients who require pest control in both the home and the business.

At Dugas Pest Control, many of our clients ask what the difference between the two types of services is.  Let’s take a look at what makes commercial pest control different than residential methods and why both services are necessary to a clean and healthy community.

A broader scope of services

Commercial pest control has a broader scope of services. Residential treatment is designed specifically for the home, so we know that we’re dealing with it when we arrive. With commercial services, we need to be on our toes because we could be offering pest control in a daycare center, hospital, or industrial facility. Knowing how to treat the scope of problems that occur in these locations is significant, and we must be able to tailor our pest control methods to meet the needs of the location.

Multi-Site Accommodations

When working with commercial locations, we must anticipate that there may be problems at more than one site. For instance, commercial locations like hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants deal with pests on a regular basis. If we meet with an owner of one of these locations, they may request that we inspect their other locations as well. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to create a treatment plan that addresses the business’ needs as a whole while providing each site with its own pest control method.

Require More Flexible Scheduling

Residential customers need flexible scheduling, but commercial clients need it even more. We understand that businesses can’t keep their employees and customers waiting, and some problems just can’t wait. We work diligently to meet the timelines of our commercial clients so that their employees can return to a pest-free workplace, and they don’t have to have their business slowed down.

Dugas’ Six Step Plan

At Dugas Pest Control, we have a Six Step Plan that is scientifically proven to minimize chemical exposure while maximizing efficiency.

1. Inspection

On our first visit to your site, we will inspect your location to determine which pests are present and why. We look for sanitation problems, harborage areas and resource sites, and evaluate potential health concerns for staff and customers.

2. Evaluation

A comprehensive pest management program is created after our initial inspection based on what we find. We always use EPA-registered pesticides that include bait traps, crack and crevice products and flushing agents.

3. Education

It’s important that people are educated on how to keep their properties safe from pests, especially since many pest problems can be avoided by taking preventative measures. We are happy to provide a follow-up visit where we will discuss how our commercial clients can take care of their properties to avoid harboring pests.

4. Eradication

Now for the fun part. The eradication will be carried out directly as we talked about according to the treatment plan. If we arranged for bait stations, they are placed out one week after treatment.

5. Follow-Up

Many methods of pest control require additional applications, which you will know about in advance. Everything in the follow-up is included in your original treatment plan, allowing you to make the proper modifications to your business ahead of time.

6. Quality Assurance

Each commercial client gets a site history file where our technicians document everything that was seen, such as fecal deposits and harborage sites. As our program is enhanced with new technologies, we inform our clients and work with them to keep a pest-free workplace.

Pests are a nuisance to commercial locations, and these problems need to be managed so that they don’t cause large infestations. We encourage our clients to also educate their employees on keeping a clean workplace to avoid leaving behind food sources. The warm, humid climate in Florida makes both commercial and residential locations targets for pests, but nothing will stand in the way of Dugas Pest Control.

The Difference Between Commercial & Residential Pest Control in Louisiana

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