The Perfect Solution for Flooded Properties – Wood Preservation Treatment from Dugas Pest Control

Claimed as the worst disaster to strike the U.S. since super storm Sandy, the recent flooding in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas has brought about much devastation. If your home has been flooded, you may be wondering what the next steps are. There are dangers present when water enters the home at these levels from mold and structural damage to contamination from sewage. Before returning, it is important to ensure risks are removed and your wood is protected. Here’s what to do:

Check the Moisture Content.  Have a Professional Pest Control Company Treat Your Wood.

You need to check the moisture content of your structural wood which is behind the sheetrock of your walls, roof, and sub floors. Depending on how much moisture has been absorbed, you will need to take different actions.  Regardless of the moisture content of your structure, a Wood Preservation Treatment can be applied to protect your wood.

We use Bora-Care with Mold-care and are licensed to treat wood destroying insects and organisms (please note that mold remediation contractors are unable to do so). This spray on treatment can be applied to all affected structures as soon as studs are open and floors are clean. You DON’T have to wait for walls to dry. Wood decay and mold can begin to grow almost immediately, so it is important to treat the wood as soon as possible

If the Moisture Content is Between 20%-25%

If the moisture content is between 20%-25%, you will need to immediately clean, remove and repair any visibly damaged materials as well as those with mold. In order to prevent wood destroying organisms, fungi, and insects such as termites, beetles, and carpenter ants, a wood preservative should be applied. We at Dugas Pest control can spray all exposed wood framing according to our Wood Preservation Treatment product which is labeled to protect against mold fungi.

Over 25% Moisture Content

Over 25% moisture content is considered flooded and requires a bit more work. You will need to remove the water as soon as possible along with any materials in the home to a height of 2 feet above the flooded area. This will include curtains, mud, sewage, carpet, furniture, etc.

Once cleaned out, the home needs to be pressure washed which can cause harmful materials to be airborne so protective equipment may be needed. Then, all sheetrock and insulation will need to be removed, again, up to at least 2 feet above the area that has a 25% moisture content reading.

You can then remove visible debris and mold and clean and disinfect areas as needed. Then, all structural components will again need to be treated with an EPA registered and labeled wood preservative like Dugas’ Bora-care with Mold-care which is labeled to protect the home from wood destroying insects and mold fungi.

Bora-Care and Mold-Care can be applied as a one-time preventative application that penetrates  into the wood, creating a buffer zone and providing years of residual protection. When used together, Bora-Care and Bora-Care with Mold-Care create a highly effective, residual solution to insects and fungi.

Once the moisture content is below 20%, sheetrock and insulation replacement can commence.

Dugas Pest Control Can Help

Dugas knows the devastation that our community is experiencing as this has been our home for many years. If you need help, call us and we can provide our wood preservation treatment. Note that it is not mold remediation but our product is labeled for the prevention of mold.  In order for us to treat your home, ensure the following steps are taken:

  • Remove kitchen and bathroom cabinets if applicable
  • Remove necessary flooring
  • Remove appliances, debris, and furniture
  • Remove sheetrock and insulation at least 2 feet above the flood line
  • Ensure all standing water and mud has been removed

Our cost for treating a house starts at $400.

About Bora Care

We have chosen Bora-Care (  to treat our customer’s wood because it has proven to provide long-term protection for homes. It has been used since 1990 and is the only borate-based termiticide backed by product research and registered by the EPA for treating foundation penetrations as well as creating a termite barrier.

It also provides protection against other wood destroying insects, mold, and decay fungi, which is critical when a home has been exposed to water damage. Bora-care with Mold-care is only able to be applied by registered companies, and Dugas Pest Control is ready and able to apply it to your home.

We will help you get your home back to the safe environment you need. Once you have taken the preparation steps, contact us to schedule an appointment.

The Perfect Solution for Flooded Properties – Wood Preservation Treatment from Dugas Pest Control in Louisiana

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