Types of Termites in Baton Rouge

A subterranean termite soldier in Baton Rouge LA - Dugas Pest ControlUnfortunately, here in Baton Rouge LA, we have more than one type of termite to worry about. Termites are the most destructive pests in the country, and each species attacks our homes and businesses in different ways. Being able to identify different types of termites by their appearance and the damage that they cause will be a huge help in the event that you find evidence of their arrival on your property. To learn more about the different types of termites in Baton Rouge, read on. Our termite exterminators at Dugas Pest Control have put together some vital information that could protect your home or business down the line!

What Kinds of Termites Live in Baton Rouge?

There are a few different termite species living in our area that we have to watch for. These termites all attack from different angles and pinpoint different parts of our properties, so it’s in your best interest to learn to predict and prevent each kind. Here are the main four to watch out for:

  1. Dampwood termites: Dampwood termites are generally found in damp and decaying wood close to the ground. They usually form small colonies, but they are the largest individual termites in Baton Rouge. You can prevent dampwood termites by ensuring that you don’t have any plumbing leaks and you aren’t leaving woodpiles out in the rain.
  2. Drywood termites: On the flip side, drywood termites feed on dead trees, hardwood floors, structural timbers and furniture like rocking chairs and bookshelves. Because their colonies are quite small, it’s easy to overlook drywood termites until they’ve destroyed something inside your home. It’s important to use treated wood and close off any gaps leading from outside to your home’s interior to prevent them.
  3. Formosan termites: Formosan termites originated in East Asia but has ended up becoming a major force in the southern United States. They are one of the most destructive and productive termites in the world, infamous for their ability to make quick work of large quantities of wood. Treated wood and carefully sealed structures paired with consistent monitoring will work to prevent them.
  4. Subterranean termites: These are the termites that create the largest colonies and cause the most damage in Baton Rouge. You can tell that they’re on your property if you see mud tubes popping up in your yard. Subterranean termites are quite hard to prevent because they enter your home from under the ground.

Although they vary greatly in size, habits, and appetite, all four of these termites can cause extensive damage to different parts of your home.

Experienced Termite Exterminators

If you’ve found termites or evidence of termite damage on your property, reach out to your local termite exterminators for a wood destroying insect report. The termite control experts at Dugas Pest Control are trained and certified to perform many different termite removal tactics, and can have your entire property termite free in no time. Reach out to learn more and receive a free quote!

Types of Termites in Baton Rouge in Louisiana

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