Waking up to your worst nightmare

You’re vaguely aware of an odd noise. It’s jagged. Like someone crinkling paper.  But it’s faint…a few rooms away.

You could hear it just enough to wake you from your sleep. But it’s 2:18 am and you’re groggy. Daylight savings time has been tough to get used to.

As you start to gather your senses in the darkness, you notice a strange scent. It’s ashy smelling. Almost grey. What is that?

Something’s burning.

The thought of fire is enough to cut through the fog and put you into full alert mode.  Fires are the subject of nightmares. And you’ve just woken up to one in your own home!

You wake your loved one with 2 shakes and a whisper. “Baby, I think there’s a fire.”

Your next thought is the kids. As you rush down the hallway to their room, you can feel the smoke getting thicker as it spills out of the attic staircase.

You put the kids over your shoulder even though they’re not yet awake.

No need to call the dog. He’s following your every footstep. He already knows something is wrong.

Your mind is racing…so many things to grab. Things you can’t replace.

But you realize you’ve already got the things you can’t replace…your spouse and your children.

As you get safely outside, you can see the flames through the attic window.

During the rush, somehow, without thinking, you managed to grab your phone and call 911. You can hear the fire department sirens in the distance.  They’ll be here soon.

An hour later, the fireman says “You don’t know how lucky you are.” He explains that the damage was limited to the attic. All of those valuables you thought were gone are safe and sound.  He explains: “Your home had a lightning strike. A direct hit.  But the insulation kept the fire from spreading.”


Yes insulation.

You see, earlier that year, we installed TAP Insulation in this client’s attic. Fire resistant TAP Insulation.

At the time they were thinking it would be nice to help keep pests out of the attic and save a few bucks.

Did they ever imagine that insulation might save their lives and their home from a fire?

Of course not. None of us ever think it will happen to us.

But sometimes it does. And that’s one of the big reasons we love installing TAP Insulation.

Waking up to your worst nightmare in Louisiana

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