Warm Spring 2017 Weather Has Local Bugs All in a Tizzy

We Louisiana folks love teasing our Yankee friends about our mild winters. Thanksgiving with the AC running. Christmas in shorts while they shovel snow.

Some winters are milder than others. But this year, some folks have put out a “missing person” report on our winter and spring.

It’s only March and our late spring and early summer pests are already starting to party.  Here’s a lowdown on the pests which are active early and what you can do to keep them at bay…


We received our first calls about termite swarms around Valentine’s Day. That’s EARLY!

Termites swarming this early in the season is not a good harbinger of things to come.

The reason that termites swarm is that the colony gets too big for it’s current location. They outgrow the food and water source.

When this happens, the “alates”, or swarmers, grow wings and take off to find a new food source. About half of any given colony will become alates and leave.

Those swarmers are looking for a new home. Or maybe it’s a big colony that’s outgrown it’s space in your home…

In either case, it’s time to take action.

If you’re a do it yourselfer, check the soil levels in your garden beds and around your home to make sure they’re not higher than the slab or touching the bricks. Seal the access points to your home.

You can also call us to schedule a free termite inspection and make sure your termite protection is totally up to date.


2016 was a nasty year for mosquitoes. Zika made us forget all about West Nile at least for awhile.

We’re already getting calls for people requesting mosquito suppression treatments for their yards.

Here in south Louisiana, once the temperature gets above 65 degrees for 4-5 days, you can bet the mosquitoes will be out in force. Especially after a rain!

The flooding in greater Baton Rouge last year isn’t helping this spring’s mosquito problems either. Many people don’t know that mosquito eggs can lie dormant for months just waiting for the right temperatures to hatch.

Make sure to eliminate all standing water from around your home. Turn over the frisbees, kids toys and anything else that might hold even a small amount of water.

Then get rid of damp coverings or brush piles where mosquitoes may breed.

And while these types of prevention tips will always help, nothing beats professional mosquito suppression treatment. Call us for more information.

Other Pests Who Are Active Early

It seems like all the bugs are active early this year. We’ve had calls for fire ants, spiders and roaches (just to name a few) already and it’s not even April.

These pests are actively moving about seeking new sources of food and water. And of course, new mates for breeding.

If you’re seeing pests running around your home, don’t wait until your regular service or for the bugs to get out of hand. Call us today to schedule service, even if it’s early, and keep your home pest free for the spring!

Warm Spring 2017 Weather Has Local Bugs All in a Tizzy in Louisiana

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