What Are The Benefits of Using Bioremedial Foam Treatment in Your Restaurant?

Dugas Pest Control provides extermination services for restaurantsYou may have already heard that bioremedial foam treatments are a type of pest control which are gaining popularity with many types of businesses and that this type of treatment is particularly helpful for restaurants. If you are not sure what a bioremedial foam treatment is, it is the use of a foam that contains beneficial microbes which help to destroy the harmful microbes that are present in the area being treated.

Not only is it effective, but it is safe for the environment because it is 100% natural, giving it an advantage over other forms of pest control. If you deal with the common issues like buildup in drain lines and pipes, pests and keeping your business up to health code, you will be glad to hear that Dugas offers Bioremedial foam treatment in their Louisiana service area.

Benefits of Using Bioremedial Foam Treatment in Your Restaurant:

  • It removes flies and other pests like roaches and ants by getting rid of their breeding and feeding sources
  • It reduces health risks presented by flies and other pests
  • It gets rid of grease, fats, oils, and old organic debris
  • It can be used to quickly and safely clean floors, walls, drains and drain lines, tap lines, grease taps and equipment.

Due to the fact that restaurants are prone to pests and often fight an endless battle to ward them off, bioremedial foam treatments allow you to get to the root of the problem in a safe way. While it may be hard to find this service in some areas, there is a provider in the Baton Rouge and Covington areas of Louisiana.

What Are The Benefits of Using Bioremedial Foam Treatment in Your Restaurant? in Louisiana

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