What are the flying insects you’re seeing all over the place?

drywood-termiteIt’s spring, which means we’ve been getting tons of calls about flying insects. This year’s termite swarming season has been pretty intense. In fact, our technicians estimate the severity this season to be about a 9 on a scale of 1 to  10!

This means that termites, which normally live underground, are reproducing, looking for new territory, and finding new food sources – like your house!

Both Eastern Subterranean and Formosan termites are swarming now, so when you see flying insects, there’s a good chance they want to move into your home. However, just because you see a little reddish colored bug with wings doesn’t mean it’s a termite…it could be a flying ant!

Termite swarms are a warning sign!

The good news is, since termites aren’t usually visible, swarming season allows you to spot these pests and prevent an infestation before it starts.

Now is the time to make sure that termites aren’t moving in, because once they find a new home underground, they’re a lot harder to spot. If you spot a swarm, it’s a good idea to call and let us inspect your property because swarms means termites are looking for a new nest.

Those flying bugs might not even be  termites

We get many calls that turn out to be flying ants, which are also swarming this time of year.  They look similar to termites, so it’s easy to understand why people confuse the two..

If you’re not sure if the bugs you’re seeing are termites or ants, there are a few quick ways to check what kind of pests you’re dealing with.

  • Both are a similar size with 4 wings
  • Ants have a narrow waist, and their wings are two different sizes
  • Termites have a straight body, and their wings are all the same length

If DIY isn’t your thing, or you are struggling to tell the difference between flying ants and termites, don’t sweat…that’s what we’re here for! Call us today to schedule a free inspection and our knowledgeable technicians will diagnose your problem and help find the perfect termite control solution.

What are the flying insects you’re seeing all over the place? in Louisiana

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