What Is Bioremedial Foam Treatment and Why Does Your Restaurant Need It?

Bio-Remedial Foam Treatment…the name sounds pretty complicated, but in actual fact it’s a very natural pest control solution. Let’s dig into the explanation of the treatment and give you a few reasons why we recommend you consider it for your restaurant.

What exactly is Bioremedial Foam Treatment?

The treatment is a natural way of ridding an environment of any contaminants and also neutralizing them. It’s as simple as introducing organisms to the environment which digest contamination, effectively either removing the problem entirely, or changing its chemical composition as to ensure it’s not as hazardous as it was before.

In short: Bioremediation is the process under which composting works. With the introduction of more good microbes, the bad microbes get overpowered, thus disposing of or removing the harmful waste. The treatment gets to the root of the problem and sanitizes the treated area on a microscopic level.

Why Bioremedial Foam Treatments are Important to Restaurants

Pests like flies, roaches, and ants find spots when enough organic matter is present and then call that spot their breeding and feeding ground. Your restaurant is likely to have a few of these spots. Just think of crevices like drains, pipes and surfaces where grease ultimately builds up no matter how much you scrub it down and sanitize it.

Now: By sending good microbes into those areas, the foam treatment helps remove the source that pests call home. Bioremedial foam treatments help restaurants keep pests at bay and also minimizes foul odors caused by them. It’s the safe and natural (not to mention powerful) solution that you’ve been looking for all along!

What Is Bioremedial Foam Treatment and Why Does Your Restaurant Need It? in Louisiana

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