What is TAP Insulation and How Does it Work?

Dugas pest control provides Tap Insulation service for residents in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana TAP Insulation is a type of green insulation that is used in both new and existing homes and buildings. In addition to the standard functions of insulation, TAP also controls pests such as cockroaches, ants and termites. When you combine both the eco-friendliness of the insulation and its ability to ward off common household pests, TAP Insulation becomes an optimal choice for homes and buildings.


How Does TAP Insulation Work?

TAP is made from recycled paper, and a borate-based pest control product is embedded in the insulation, which allows the insulation to function as it does. Pests cannot build up a tolerance to the borate product, which means that once the insulation is installed, it never needs to be replaced. As long as the insulation remains in the structure, it will continue to repel pests.

What happens to these insects is that when they crawl through or nest in the insulation, they ingest the boric acid. Many household pests are self-grooming, so at some point, they groom themselves and end up ingesting the boric acid. Once in the body, the boric acid accumulates in the gut and leads to death through means of dehydration or malnutrition. Thankfully, boric acid is not toxic to humans, so you can enjoy a truly safe product that repels pests.

How Is the Installation Done?

If you choose to have TAP installed, it can be laid right over your existing insulation. The only time that you would need to replace the insulation is if it were already damaged from pests. Otherwise, TAP is very easy to install and typically takes one day. Consider that TAP Insulation can absorb odors, reduce noise and help your home to become fully insulated; approximately 65% of American homes are under-insulated.

Isn’t My Current Insulation Enough?

Probably not. First, your home may be under-insulated as it is, and installing TAP will reduce your energy bills, reduce noise and properly insulate the home to where it should be. More importantly, it takes a certain formula of borates to ward off household pests, and TAP is specifically designed to accomplish this, unlike traditional cellulose insulation that works to reduce fungus and act as a flame retardant. Only products like TAP can be sold as pest control products because they have been thoroughly tested in a lab.

To learn more about how TAP Insulation can prevent pest problems in your home, contact Dugas Pest Control.

What is TAP Insulation and How Does it Work? in Louisiana

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