Why Commercial Pest Control Is a Must for Your Business

Dugas Pest Control provides extermination services for industrial warehouses No matter what kind of business you run – whether you have a restaurant or retail store, or you manage an office or other business – you can benefit greatly from commercial pest control services.

Why? Perhaps you recall the problems you’ve had in the past with pest infestations in your home. Now imagine dealing with them at work.

While you might be able to handle a small ant invasion or an issue with cockroaches at home by cleaning up clutter, setting traps, and spraying around the house, you’re not going to have that luxury at your business. If you’re running a restaurant, you’ll especially need to address these issues quickly, as any kind of problem with pest control can actually result in your business shutting down temporarily or permanently.

However, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, and other food vendors aren’t the only businesses that absolutely must seek the aid of a commercial pest control service. If you have a pest control problem in your retail shop, your customers aren’t going to want to visit and give you their business because they’ll feel like they’re walking into a dirty environment with potential health hazards.

Likewise, if you manage an office, you can’t expose your employees and clients to pest problems without some pretty negative repercussions. Now, let’s discuss just a few of the benefits available to you with a commercial pest control service.

Inspection and Evaluation

You may think that you know where all of the ants are coming from or where all of the mice have nested, but these pests are very resourceful and often hide in places you’d never expect. When you call for commercial pest control help, an expert will come to your site and do a thorough inspection. They’ll be able to tell you if you have an infestation, what’s going on with it, and give a clear evaluation of the situation.

With this evaluation, they’ll be able to tell you exactly what kind of treatments your site needs to get rid of your pest control problem. They’ll also go over any changes you need to make to your environment to keep this problem from occurring again in the future. Once you’ve agreed upon a plan of action, they will most likely need to schedule an appointment with you to perform the actual task of eradicating your infestation.

Education and Eradication

When your pest control experts come back to take care of the problem, they’ll also educate you and your employees on the conditions that lead to infestations and how to avoid them. They’ll perform the treatments you’ve agreed to, and they’ll eradicate the problem. You’ll be left pest-free, and you and your employees will know what policies and measures you should implement to keep the same thing from happening again in the future. If you follow your pest control service technicians’ advice moving forward, you are very likely never going to have another pest control problem again. Most infestations, after all, can be avoided with preventive treatments and maintenance, as well as good hygiene practices on the premises.

Follow-Up and Guaranteed Quality Assurance

If you had a severe infestation when you first called, your pest control experts will most likely want to schedule one more follow-up visit. This will include further inspection to ensure that your infestation has truly been eradicated, and that you’re not going to face the same problem again in just a few weeks or months.

A quality pest control service will guarantee their work. If you have a problem shortly after you’ve gotten their help, they shouldn’t have any issue coming back to your site and taking care of the problem for you. That’s the beauty of working with a quality commercial pest control service like Dugas Pest Control; we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. Call us today to schedule a free estimate, and never worry about bugs at work again!

Why Commercial Pest Control Is a Must for Your Business in Louisiana

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