You May Be Accidentally Feeding the Roaches

Do you have an extra guest at your dinner party?

Is he staying past his welcome and bringing friends along?

Your habits may be attracting roaches to your home. Unless you make some changes, they’re likely to stick around awhile and make themselves very comfortable.

Take advantage of our tips to get rid of those freeloading critters for good.

They Have a Sweet Tooth Too

Do you like the sweet stuff?
So do roaches.

The crumbs from your late-night snack are enough to bring roaches crawling out from their corners. They also go after greasy food, starches, and fats. Sounds like your regular junk food junkie, doesn’t it?

However, here’s the creepy part: they’re smart enough to distinguish sweet treats from sweet poison. In fact, German cockroaches have learned to associate the taste of glucose traps with danger. That’s all the more reason to bring in the experts.

But They’re Not Exactly Picky Either

Despite their preferences, roaches don’t limit themselves to a diet fit for a king. No, they’re content to eat just about everything including non-food items like soap, detergent, glue and wallpaper paste. Do you have old, bound books or a large stamp collection? These treasures are delicacies for roaches.

Unfortunately, their scavenger nature makes getting rid of them all the more difficult. Merely taking out your trash and washing the dishes regularly isn’t enough to combat roaches or prevent an infestation. You’ll need to begin with a sanitation plan.

Here are a few basic precautions:

  • Be sure to seal up every bag of trash and dispose of it as quickly as possible.
  • Likewise, close any gaps and cracks in your walls with silicone caulk to prevent more insects from entering.
  • Be sure to check for other spaces where they might be entering like beneath the doors or through cracked windows.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of these pests to find a way into your home.

Watch for wet spots which are also attractive. Leaky pipes and overflowing showers leave nice pools of water for roaches to splish and splash in. A dripping faucet is irresistible to just about any roach. Water can be even more attractive than leftover food. If you have a wet, dark place in your home, you have prime real estate for a roach motel. Keep these places as dry as possible to remove the ‘Welcome’ mat.

Your Attic: A Favorite Hangout for the Big Guys

Dugas Pest Control provides cockroach extermination service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana Roaches of all varieties prefer dark places. So, it makes sense you might find some in the attic. However, there’s a particular type that tends to infest these spaces. They’re simply called large roaches but may also be referred to as water bugs or palmetto bugs. As you might have imagined, they’re pretty monstrous looking.

They have to live somewhere so instead of paying rent, they often squat in your attic. This area is an excellent spot for an infestation thanks to the dark space and long periods of uninterrupted quiet time. Let them take over here and you’ll find them all over your home in no time at all.

This area can be particularly difficult to treat given the constraints of the space. Dugas Pest Control offers a free inspection to develop a roach control plan personalized to you and your needs. They also consider the environmental factors that affect homeowners in the Louisiana area.

If you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation or want to bug-proof your home, call Dugas Pest Control today. They have the knowledge and equipment to make your house a home again.

You May Be Accidentally Feeding the Roaches in Louisiana

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