Zika Virus Update- latest stats, trends and the Olympics

Zika virus is a relatively new disease that has spread very quickly and made it’s footprint across the world. As it becomes more and more widespread, there is more research being done, more action being taking, and more reporting to the public about how to protect themselves. Learn the latest on Zika including what we already know, what the CDC is doing to help, where it can be found, and the potential risks in relation to the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Brazil.

What We Know About Zika

In the beginning, there was very little known about Zika. Now, there are a few facts that the professionals have learned and can be sure of related to the disease. First of all, a pregnant woman with Zika can pass the virus on to her fetus. When the infection takes place during a pregnancy, there is also a stronger risk for various birth defects.

Researchers have found that aggressive daytime biting mosquitoes from the species called Aedes are where most of the infected bites come from. These insects can bite at night as well.

The Zika virus is also most commonly found throughout tropical areas making it unlikely that it will ever reach certain parts of the United States. However, there are some areas that do have the mosquitoes that carry Zika already.

What Action is the CDC Taking?

The CDC is taking action against the Zika virus to try and keep everyone safe. They are doing what they can to track Zika along with other mosquito-borne viruses throughout not only the United States but also the rest of the world. They are training as many people as possible to know the disease, find it, and accurately report it.

Healthcare providers are also being educated by the CDC on how to identify the virus. In the event the virus is believed to have been found, it is sent to laboratories for diagnostic testing. Experts are trying to find a link between Guillain-Barre syndrome and Zika as well. Furthermore, schools are educating the public about Zika and travelers are being provided with details and information from the CDC about exposing themselves to the virus when visiting areas known to carry Zika.

Areas with Zika


When considering leaving the country, you should be aware of what parts of the world have the Zika virus already reported. Several countries in Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Asia have cases on record of the Zika virus. The Caribbean, Central America, and South America all have active Zika travel notices as well.

US Territories

The US Territories have reported a total of 1,305 cases of Zika. All but four of those were acquired locally. Seven of the cases on file have been linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome.

US States

The United States does not have any locally acquired Zika cases, but as of June 8, 2016, there were 691 travel-associated cases reported. Eleven of those were sexually transmitted and two were related to Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Zika and the Olympics

Zika is spreading in Brazil making many people apprehensive about the upcoming Summer Olympics taking place in this region. It is recommended that pregnant women do not visit the area because of the risk the virus poses to an unborn baby. Those that are traveling are asked to remember a few safety tips to protect themselves and prevent the disease from being brought back to the United States.

Bug Bite and Zika Prevention Tips:

  • Any exposed skin should be treated with an effective and safe insect repellent
  • Long shirts and pants should be worn as frequently as possible to cover the skin
  • Stay inside in either screened in rooms or air conditioning as much as feasible
  • If traveling and staying to an area where there are no screens or air conditioning, use a bed net to cover yourself while sleeping

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Zika Virus Update- latest stats, trends and the Olympics in Louisiana

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