Are you having a pest or termite problem in Lafayette, Louisiana? If you answered YES, it’s time to call Dugas Pest Control at (225) 291-3511 for a free evaluation and estimate today. Dugas has been providing pest control services throughout southern Louisiana since 1957 and guarantees that our services will eliminate your pest problem. In addition to eliminating pest problems, we offer a variety of other services. Here is a comprehensive list of what we can do for you:
Dugas Pest Control provides extermination services within Lafayette Louisiana
  • Eliminate carpenter ants, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, stinging insects, mosquitoes and flies from your home, office or garden;
  • Get rid of other lawn and garden pests;
  • Get rid of rodents (rats, mice, moles, etc.) as well as birds that are causing problems for you;
  • Unclog your drains;
  • Install insulation; and
  • Protect your gutters.

Do You Need Professional Pest Control?

How, exactly, do you know if you need pest control? There are some surefire signs:

  • The leaves on your flowers, plants and trees are misshapen (curled, frayed or unusually short) or yellowing;
  • Your leaves, fruits and plants are covered with an unusual sticky substance;
  • The flowers or plants in your garden are moldy and appear black;
  • Galls – abnormal growths – being appearing on roots and leaves; and/or
  • Fruits look withered and shriveled.

Issues with Louisiana Termites

Termites are also a major problem in Lafayette, as well as across the country. Termites eat a pound of wood per day and cause around $50 billion in damages in the United States every year.

You might have termites if your wood or foundation has small brown tubes or tiny clusters of dirt on it. Termites build these in order to keep in the moisture that they need to survive as well to keep away predators. As much damage as termites can do to your home, they are actually quite sensitive and vulnerable.

This is why you should let Dugas Pest Control come in and use Sentricon, two high-quality insecticides, to eliminate the problem for good. If you attempt to treat the problem on your own and fall short, termites can wreck thousands of dollars of damage on your home.

If you think you might have a pest or termite problem, contact us at (225) 291-3511 to schedule a free evaluation and estimate. You have nothing to lose in having us take a look, and a lot to lose if you attempt to deal with pests and termites on your own and are ineffective in eliminating them.

Our service in Lafayette is quick and effective, and will leave you breathing easy and pest- and termite-free. Call us today at (225) 291-3511 for an estimate.

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