Asian Roaches are here in Louisiana

Have you heard of Asian Roaches? If you haven’t yet…you’re about to! The reason? Your neighbors are already talking about them. Of course, no one wants to think about roaches if they don’t have to, but Asian Roaches are a new invasive species in Southern Louisiana, and we’re starting to see them at our customer’s…
Fire ants are pretty much the worst, right? Their painful stings and aggressive swarming behavior make them more than a nuisance – they can be dangerous. But there’s a new ant moving into Louisiana that has some people wishing fire ants were the worst of their problems. It’s called the Tawny Crazy Ant, and though…
Meet Debbie! She’s one of our pest control technicians and she’s been with us for almost 4 years now. It might seem unusual that we have a woman working as a technician in our industry, but the pest control world offers wonderful opportunities for people with all sorts of interests. You see, Debbie has always…
Pretty much everyone in South Louisiana can agree that mosquitoes are one of the drawbacks of the warm summer season. The stinging. The buzzing of that one evasive mosquito – right in your ear. And now… the danger to you and your family’s health. With West Nile virus found locally, our customers (especially those who…

Academy 2017 – Hosted by NPMA

Our own Daniel Hill recently attended Academy 2017, hosted by NPMA (National Pest Management Association). This was an Olympic style conference for the Leadership Development Council of which Daniel is a member. He produced this video of his experience captaining the Red Team, which won first place.
Termites are termites, right? Well, sort of! Sure, all termites are on the hunt for food and water. And unfortunately, food is often found in the form of your home. But knowing what kind of termites are behind an infestation is important, as it helps us create a treatment and prevention plan that will successfully…
It’s spring, which means we’ve been getting tons of calls about flying insects. This year’s termite swarming season has been pretty intense. In fact, our technicians estimate the severity this season to be about a 9 on a scale of 1 to  10! This means that termites, which normally live underground, are reproducing, looking for…
When handling fruit flies, how many times have you said to a commercial customer, “It’s a sanitation issue,” pointed out some things that need to be fixed or cleaned and left? If so, you should never do it again after today! I’d like to give you some tips and selling points, as well as equip…
On muggy summer nights in Louisiana, it’s sometimes best just to not look down when you’re walking on the streets. That way you can be blissfully oblivious to whatever creatures might be scurrying around near your feet. It’s a little tougher to turn a blind eye when those creatures invade your home, though. Then, it’s…

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