Q: Will one treatment solve my insect problem or should I have a regular maintenance program (Silver Star Pest Control)?
A: Our homes are constantly under attack from many different pests throughout the year. You can choose to control your pest problem for a period of 30 days (one time treatment) or you can choose a continuous quarterly Silver Star Pest Control service.  By choosing our Silver Star Pest Control service you are creating a “treated zone” around your home which will ensure the inside of your home is bug free.


Q: Why should I go on a program for pest control?
A: Our preventive approach keeps pests out of your home year-round.  Though you may not see them, insects are looking for ways to enter your home in all seasons.


Q: Will the technician service the inside of my home on each visit?
A: In most cases, when customers call us for pest control service, pests have been observed in the home.  With our Silver Star Pest Control service, initially we treat the conducive and active areas inside the home as well as creating a treated zone outside the home.  Once we have controlled the interior population, a regularly scheduled quarterly exterior service is recommended in order to maintain a treated zone or perimeter “shield” which helps keep the pests outside, not in.  Of course, upon request, future interior services are available at no extra charge as part of our Silver Star Pest Control program.


Q: Will I ever have to be home after the initial service?
A: No, with our convenient Silver Star Pest Control program you do not have to be home unless you have a problem inside. Your technician will service the exterior of your home on a quarterly basis.  Dugas will mail you a post card informing you of your service date so you can unlock gates or put animals up.


Q: Are there any preparations I need to make prior to the exterior service?
A: There is little that must be done prior to treatment with our program.  We ask that you simply close all windows and pick up any toys, tools, or pet water and food dishes within 10 feet of your home.


Q: What if I have a pest problem before my next scheduled service?
A: Our pest control service is guaranteed. Just call our office to schedule a retreatment if you are having a problem with a pest covered by our pest service agreement. If it is not a covered pest, we can still solve your problem but there will be an additional charge.


Q: What are my payment options?
A: We offer several payment options to our customers. You can pay your technician at time of service via check or credit card.  We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover. With our easy pay program we can charge your debit or credit card automatically after each service. You can also pay for a 1 year contract in advance and receive a 5% discount.  We also offer Silver Star Pest Control which requires the setup of ACH or credit card for automatic payment quarterly.


Q: Do the products you use have an odor?
A: The products we use are formulated to have little or no odor.


Q: My house doesn't have termites- why should I have it treated?
A: Termites do millions of dollars of damage to property each year. Your house is a major investment. Treating your home as a preventative measure can save you from the costly repair of termite damage and give you peace of mind that your home is protected.


Q: I’ve seen winged insects in my home.  Do I have termites?
A: There are millions of winged insects out there. We offer a no-cost inspection of your home to identify any potential problematic pest.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free inspection and estimate.


Q: What is the difference between a flying ant and a termite swarmer?
A: The body of an ant will have a thin waist where the waist of a termite swarmer is thicker.  Ants also have a small bend in their antennae and a termite’s antennae are straight and beady.  An ant has two sets of wings, 1 smaller than the other.  A termite’s 2 sets of wings are of equal length.

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