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Would you like to get rid of fleas and ticks without having to evict the family pet?

Dugas Pest Control provides animal-friendly, professional control for fleas and ticks throughout Southern Louisiana including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, St. Tammany & Lafayette.

We serve both residential and commercial clients.

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Protect You and Your Furry Friends

If you have pets, you’ve probably struggled with fleas – not only do they make your dog or cat miserable, but they can bite you and your family!

Disease carrying ticks can cause even more serious problems.


Serious Health Risks

More than just an annoyance, fleas’ saliva on your pet’s skin. In their search for blood, the flea will cause severe dermatitis in your dog or cat causing them to scratch and bite at the site.

Ticks pose a slightly different problem.

Many varieties of ticks carry harmful diseases that are easily transmittable, including Lyme disease. These diseases can severely injure your pet that could cause paralysis and respiratory failure.

Plan to Protect Your Family

There are variety of things you can do to protect your home, your family and your pets against fleas and ticks that include:

  • Check Your Pets – Throughout the year, especially during the warm months, check your dogs and cats frequently for any fleas and flea debris. Watch your pets for any excessive scratching, nibbling or licking.
  • Avoid Tall Grass – Avoid walking around tall grass, as ticks and fleas tend to harbor in the grassy areas. Ticks tend to develop their own habitats in wooded areas, and along trails and bushy vegetation.
  • Bathe Pets Regularly – Bathe your dog and cat regularly, especially after playing around other animals, or taking walks.
  • Vacuum Often – By vacuuming your flooring and washing the bed linens/furniture often, you can help eradicate ticks, fleas and their larva.
  • Wash Pet Items – Washing your pet items regularly will help diminish the chances of flea and tick infestation from your pet’s toys, collars and bedding.
  • Proper Vacuuming Bag Handling – Never empty vacuum bags inside the home. This will reduce the chance of re-infecting the house.

Get Professional Pest Control Help

Unfortunately, even if you try all of the methods above, you still may be not eradicate the problem completely and may still find fleas and ticks in your home. That’s when it’s time to call the professionals at Dugas Pest Control in Baton Rouge and serving all of southern Louisiana.

By taking a proactive approach you can treat the area around your home with effective insecticides. If you believe your house is already infected, you will need the proper equipment, expertise and pesticides to completely eradicate the fleas and ticks from your home – once and for all!