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If you have an industrial facility in Southern Louisiana that would benefit from pest control, the kinds of solutions you’re looking for will generally differ from the types people would need in their homes. Industrial pest control focuses on facilities like warehouses, food processing plants, stored product facilities and operational sites. These buildings have a number of unique characteristics about them that attract unique pests and/or do it in specific ways. As such, you’ll want to call a company that has experience with industrial pest control.

Dugas Pest Control offers pest control services for industrial and manufacturing companies throughout southern Louisiana including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, St. Tammany & Lafayette using Integrated Pest Management. Call today for a consultation with our commercial pest control team and find out more.



Preventing pests is always better than trying to control them later on and this is especially true with industrial sites where there can be potential ramifications to your business if insects, rodents and even birds and bats are able to infiltrate your facility.

As with residential pest control, however, industrial pest control comes down to making your facility inhospitable to the creatures. They all need water, food and shelter to survive. Preferably you’ll want to remove all 3 so your facility isn’t accommodating for them to live.


Many industrial facilities have plenty of food available for pests to feed on. This is especially true of food processing plants and warehouses that store grain and other potential meals. Be sure to clean any areas where the food is prepared or otherwise exposed. This means getting rid of any food that is left out, as well as taking out the trash regularly and using liners in your cans. Any food that’s stored should be done so in containers specially made to protect against pests.


Pests are nothing if not resourceful. Keep this in mind when you’re looking to eliminate their access to water. Something as seemingly innocuous as a wet mop can be enough to support a large array of pests you don’t want in your building. So be sure it’s policy to wring those out and hang them to dry. Leaky pipes can cause a number of problems for your industrial facility. One of them is that they provide an ongoing and consistent source of water to any vermin who have gotten inside. A faucet that won’t stop dripping does the same. Rain gutters that have become clogged and backed up will also attract thirsty pests. Be sure to clean those out regularly to stop the pooling from happening. The same goes for floor drains.


Even with food and water, a pest needs a source of shelter as well. Though if it’s found the other two, chances are shelter has already been provided as well. Industrial pest control should really start, then, by making sure your facility is not accessible by the vermin. Seal any entry points they could use to get inside. This means sealing cracks and crevices as soon as you find them. Any clutter should be cleaned out so pests aren’t using it as a place to hide. Products should be kept up off the floor on shelves for this same reason. You can also purchase bird nets and metal spikes designed for industrial pest control that will keep birds and bats from looking for homes around your building’s roof where they can eventually find a way inside.

Unfortunately, even if you follow all of the above steps carefully, you can still fall victim to pests. Again, ingenuity is one of their defining characteristics. When that happens, don’t waste any more time!  Call Dugas Pest Control at 1-888-606-9282. We have experience with industrial pest control and can begin acting immediately. The longer those pests are in your building the more damage they can do and widespread they can become.