Rodent control

Rodent Control for Mice & Rats

Throughout Southern Louisiana From Dugas Pest Control

Are rats or mice scurrying around your home, condo, apartment, office or industrial site?

Have your “do it yourself” efforts at trapping and baiting failed to stop the problem?

If so we can help!

As part of our overall Pest Control Services , Dugas Pest Control offers rodent control services throughout southern Louisiana including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, St. Tammany & Lafayette.

Our services come with a 100% guarantee that we will solve your rodent problem!


Our Rodent Control Services

While you may be tempted to try “do it yourself” rodent control solutions such as baiting and trapping, lots of people can’t fully eliminate a rat or mouse problem on their own.

At Dugas Pest Control, we use our years of expertise in pest control to eliminate the problem, AND ensure it doesn’t return!

Our rodent control services include:

  • Inspection:
    • Fully inspect the home or business for signs of rodent infestation including droppings, damage, etc.

    • Locate possible entry points where rodents may be entering the structure

    • Identify possible food sources that may be attracting rodents.

  • Elimination:

    • Using our knowledge of rodent habits and travel patterns, our professional technicians will set baits and traps to eliminate the current rodents

    • Check baits & traps and dispose of captured rodents

    • Make specific recommendations to remove food sources and shelter that may be attracting rodents

    • Identify parts of your home or business that may need to be sanitized to prevent the spread of disease

  • Exclusion:

    • Check your home or business to locate the possible entry points that rodents may be entering the building

    • Identify and implement solutions for sealing those entry points so that rodents don’t return

  • Follow Up:

    • Check baits & traps to ensure all rodents are caught and removed

    • Re-check entry points to ensure they are sealed and successfully keeping out rodents.  

When “Do It Yourself” Rodent Control Fails

You can buy common mouse traps or baits in almost any local hardware store. But does that mean you can successfully control the problem yourself? More often than not the answer is “No”.

The biggest challenge with rodent control is not just capturing the current rodents, but also eliminating their food sources and determining how they are entering your home or business. Rodents leave a scented trail that other rodents will follow, so even if you remove the current rodents there is a good chance others may take their place if you don’t locate those entry points.

Additionally, rats and mice are notoriously “trap shy” and if your first efforts at trapping aren’t successful, the problem can get significantly harder to manage.

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Winter is without question the worst time of year for rodent control problems, but mice and rats can be a problem year round in southern Louisiana. We have been protecting southern Louisiana area homes and businesses from pests since 1957 and can help you get control of YOUR rodent problems today!

Call Dugas Pest Control for guaranteed rodent control services throughout southern Louisiana today. We’ll get rid of those mice and rats!