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Where do Formosan Termites Come From?

Back in the 1940s, these pesky termites stowed away in wooden crates on cargo ships coming in from the South Pacific.

As a subterranean creature, Formosan termites build their main nests underground and enter structures from below. They build a shelter or mud tube that runs from the dirt through the foundation of the home and directly into the wood studs and furniture.

Once arriving in your home, they quickly build a large nest usually located behind the walls as a way to gain quick access to moisture.

Once they set up a nest, it can be extremely challenging to get rid of them.

A nest constructed by the Formosan subterranean termite is usually built using soil, saliva and masticated (chewed) wood. These typically huge nests have the ability to house millions of these destructive insects. The nest itself can hold also moisture providing the ideal conditions for these pesky termites.

An individual colony of termites can hold as many as 10 million wood eating machines. Such a huge number of termites can do extensive damage to the home in a relatively short time.

The Formosan subterranean variety is considered very aggressive.

The best way to minimize the damage from termites is to prevent them from ever entering in the first place.

Using preventative measures, a professional pest control expert can use the right treatments and baiting to ensure the problem is eliminated or at least controlled.

Getting Rid of Formosan Termites

As the most destructive and aggressive pest in the United States, the Formosan termite colony must be eradicated whether the nest resides in the home or outside. Outside nests in proximity to your property can quickly tunnel under your home to start destroying it, sometimes invisibly.

By attacking the colony rather than taking an alternative method of treating each individual termite, the entire structure can be killed off.

Only by fatally interrupting the cycle of reproduction inside the colony can a homeowner ever be assured that the problem is gone.

At Dugas Pest Control, we provide Formosan control solutions throughout southern Louisiana using an effective bait system.

Baiting Systems

Termite baits are frequently used as a very effective method to eliminate a termite problem. This termite trap, or bait, starts with a treated piece of wood that includes a slow acting pesticide.

Once members of the termite colony make their way across the wood, they will naturally pick up the fatal pesticide on their feet and walk it back into the colony, infecting others.

This type of baiting treatment is used to kill off both the termites and all of their larva.

Dugas Pest Control is an Authorized Dealer of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System for termite elimination.


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Formosan termite control is a serious problem. For homeowners living in southern Louisiana, it is imperative to use the skills of a professional pest management company to uncover, prevent or control the termite population in and around the home. This usually requires routine inspections and a treatment plan anytime termites are located. Only through proper identification of the nearly 2,700 different varieties of termites, can the homeowner be assured that the right chemical treatment is doing the job.