Subterranean Termites

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Subterranean Termite Control

If you own a home or business and are having issues with Subterranean Termites anywhere in our southern Louisiana service area including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, St. Tammany & Lafayette, call Dugas Pest Control today for a free estimate and a customized termite elimination plan. Our termite experts will show you how we protect your home or business from Subterranean termites starting today.

Preventing Subterranean Termites

The easiest way to control a subterranean termite population in any household is through prevention. If the home is not already infested with termites, there are significant ways to minimize exposure to the pesky insects.

Subterranean termites have a natural behavior to eat nothing but wood products and usually seek a regular source of moisture. Best practices homeowners can utilize for preventing subterrantean termites include:

  • Remove any dead trees or stumps in the front, back or side yards
  • Stack firewood away from the home
  • Keep all gutters on the house clean
  • Make sure the downspouts from the gutters direct all water a good distance away from the foundation
  • Pull back any landscaping or mulch that is within 6 inches of the home’s foundation
  • Repair all plumbing leaks
  • Repair any exterior structural damage
  • Avoid any direct ground-to-wood contact especially around decks and porches
  • No brick veneer, foam insulation or siding should ever extend below the grade of the soil

Eliminating Subterranean Termites

In the unfortunate event that termites are found within the structure, it is important to quickly eradicate the colony as significant damage can occur quickly. Many times, the termites will live beneath the floor structure, or behind the walls. Their nests will contain hundreds of thousands if not millions of termites in a single colony.

The damage they can do to the home can be extensive in a short amount of time.

Newly constructed homes usually have a full treatment of the graded soil before the concrete slab is poured. Any existing building will require a high number of drilled concrete holes in locations around the perimeter of the structure before the insertion of the termiticides.

The ultimate goal of the insecticide is to create a chemical blanket between the structure and the soil. An insecticide blanket strategy works on the very habits of the termites to transfer the insecticide on their feet and legs into the colony to distribute it to all the other insects. Most of these insecticide chemicals are designed to cause dehydration in the insect, and allow them to die off.

Baiting Systems

Termite baits are often used as one method to eliminate a termite problem. This termite trap, or bait, utilizes a treated piece of wood that includes a slow acting pesticide.

Once members of the termite colony make their way across the wood, they will naturally pick up the fatal pesticide on their feet and walk it back into the colony, infecting others.

This type of baiting treatment is used to kill off both the termites and all of their larva. Termite baits are often used as an alternative solution when it is difficult to locate the main colony.


Dugas Pest Control is an Authorized Dealer of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System when termite baiting is the preferred solution.

Liquid Barrier Treatments

An alternative to baiting systems is to use a liquid barrier treatment which is sprayed around the exterior of the home. At Dugas Pest Control, we use Termidor when liquid treatment is recommended, as it utilizes the transfer effect which relies on the behavioral habits of the colony to transfer the deadly pesticide to every member of the colony, and the larva. Termidor is a proven option for termite control and has been a leader in the industry for many years.

Dugas Pest Control is a Termidor Certified Applicator serving all of metro Baton Rouge.

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Subterranean  termite control is a serious problem. For homeowners living in southern Louisiana, it is imperative to use the skills of a professional pest management company to uncover, prevent or control the termite population in and around the home. This usually requires routine inspections and a treatment plan anytime termites are located. Only through proper identification of the nearly 2,700 different varieties of termites, can the homeowner be assured that the right chemical treatment is doing the job.