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Out of all the rodents we deal with here in Louisiana, roof rats are by far one of the most common pest problems for home and business owners. Property owners typically become privy to the presence of these pests when they begin to hear strange scratching noises in the attic. As excellent climbers, roof rats are typically found in the upper rooms of your property. Needless to say, no one wants these pests nesting in their property, making it important to learn how to get rid of roof rats for good. The experts at Dugas Pest Control are here to help—read on to learn everything you need to know about these roof-dwelling rats!

What is a Roof Rat?

Also commonly known as a black rat or ship rat, roof rats are named for their tendency to get onto roofs. These rats are dark brown or black in color with long tails that can nearly double their body size. They are on the thinner side, and have droppings that are small and tapered. Roof rats typically get indoors by climbing the sides of homes or nearby trees.

Once on the roof or in your eaves, they can easily get inside openings that are just 1/2 inch big. When determined, they can use their ever-growing incisor teeth to chew holes and get indoors. These pests are most feared for their nesting habits, often in your attic. Their nests, droppings, and ability to chew on electrical wires inside make them a major threat to your structure year-round.

How to Get Rid of Roof Rats in the Attic

The key to getting rid of roof rats is to limit their ways of getting indoors in the first place. Here’s what to do:

  1. Seal entry points. As mentioned before, these roof rats can squeeze through tiny openings. Every year before rodent season in the fall, inspect your home for tiny cracks and crevices. Caulk any openings that are larger than a quarter.
  2. Conceal your garbage cans. It’s no surprise that rats love garbage. Roof rats are scavengers and will be attracted to your home should you have opened garbage cans outdoors. Always properly seal trash bags before throwing them in your bins.
  3. Trim back trees and shrubs. Roof rats are excellent climbers and will readily climb branches to get access to your roof. To avoid this, trim back your tree limbs and other shrubberies to help repel rats looking to get inside.
  4. Avoid woodpiles near the home. Rats love woodpiles and other foliage piles in your yard. As much as possible, avoid leaving piles of wood near the foundation of your home.
  5. Implement rodent exclusion. Rodent exclusion is the main component of preventing roof rats. Consider installing tight-fitting screens on your doors and windows, as well as fine mesh over vents and soffits, to help keep rats away.

Roof Rat Control Services

If you’re looking to keep your home protected against the dangers of roof rats, it’s recommended to get the opinion and help of a professional rodent exterminator. Our experts will thoroughly inspect your home to determine where the rats are getting in, as well as implement measures to keep them out for good.

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How to Get Rid of Roof Rats in Louisiana

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