Integrated Pest Management Certified pest control company Dugas Pest Control serving Baton Rouge, Acadiana, Lafayette LouisianaAt Dugas Pest Control, we are proud to employ Integrated Pest Management principles throughout all of our services. But what exactly is IPM? This industry-leading pest control method is used by the most trusted and successful pest control companies. Integrated Pest Management focuses on preventing pest infestations before they begin and using only eco-friendly products when possible to control pests. The key to pest control is always prevention!

Integrated Pest Management History

When IPM was initially designed, it was a method used primarily for agricultural pests and agricultural pest control. Since then, it has completely transformed the entire pest control industry. It is now the trusted practice for controlling pests in homes, schools, warehouses, restaurants, and many other industries. IPM can be summed up as such: It is an eco-friendly pest strategy that uses common sense and scientific principles to come up with effective pest solutions.

Why is IPM Important?

Many pest control methods, especially in the past, used dangerous products to exterminate pests. IPM focuses on preventing infestations before they even begin, and on using environmentally-sensitive products when necessary to control pest problems. There are a lot of reasons why IPM is so trusted in the pest control industry. Below are just a few of the many benefits:

  • IPM may be more labor-intensive than conventional pest control and may require additional resources upfront. However, costs get lower over time once the underlying cause of the pest problem has been treated.
  • By maintaining a balance between prevention and treatment, IPM protects your staff, visitors, and guests from both pest-based allergens and excessive exposure to pesticides.
  • Using inspections, monitoring, and reports, IPM combines all the best methods of pest control to build a custom program for prevention and control.

Our IPM Certification

Because we focus on providing our customers with safe and effective pest control, Dugas Pest Control is proud to use IPM methods in all of their services. IPM has been proven to be the safest, most cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly pest control method.

To learn more about our methods or to find out how we became certified, give our team a call today!

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