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Pantry Pest Control

What Are Pantry Pests?

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A pantry pest is any type of insect that, true to name, infests grains and other stored products in your home. Pantry moth infestations often begin when infested items are brought into your home from the store. Some of these pests are minuscule, making it difficult to detect until you go to use your flour or dried grain product. While not as dangerous as other types of pests, pantry pest beetles are nonetheless a nuisance. It can be distressing to find them inside your cupboards, making it important to know how to prevent them.

Common Pantry Pests in Baton Rouge

Every stored product pests has its own preference, but you’re most likely to see pantry pests inside whole grains, flour, rice, corn, beans, dried fruits, seeds, pet food, and other dried goods.

The most common pantry pests in our area include:

  • Cigarette Beetle
  • Confused Flour Beetle
  • Drugstore Beetle
  • Indian Meal Moth
  • Merchant Grain Beetle
  • Powderpost Beetle
  • Rice Weevil
  • Sawtoothed Grain Beetle
Indian Meal Moth | Pantry Pest Control in Baton Rouge LA

How to Get Rid of Pantry Pests Naturally

No one wants to discover pantry pest beetles when going to bake or clean our their cupboard. Some of the ways to prevent common pantry pests as well as get rid of them naturally include:

  • Store all dried goods in sealed containers. To keep pests out, always store food and baking ingredients in airtight containers.
  • Stick a few bay leaves in your dried good containers. Placing a bay leaf inside canisters of flour, rice, and other grains may repel pests.
  • Inspect your groceries. At the grocery store and before bringing them indoors, check your purchased goods for any signs of damage.
  • Check expiration dates regularly. Before you use your ingredients from a year or two ago, check and toss any expired items.
  • Store away seasonal items properly. Dried foliage, Indian corn, and other seasonal items should be kept in sealed containers while not in use throughout the year.
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Effective Pantry Pest Control

If you have discovered a pantry moth infestation in your cupboard, you’re likely looking for the quickest pantry pest extermination options. Remove all infested items and quickly dispose of them in a secure manner. Thoroughly clean your pantry before returning uninfested items.

Pantry pest beetles won’t bite or harm you, but they are nonetheless one of the most frustrating pest problems to deal with. If you need assistance with a pantry beetle problem, the pantry pest extermination pros at Dugas are here to help.

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