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Spider Exterminators

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Spiders are one of the most feared pests, and it’s easy to see why. These eight-legged arachnids may look frightening, but the truth is that most types are totally harmless. In fact, spiders actually play a significant role in reducing the populations of other insects inside your property.

Nonetheless, no one wants an excess amount of spiders in their home or business, especially when there are dangerous spiders in your area. The spider exterminators at Dugas Pest Control provide spider pest control you can trust.

Spider Identification

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Spider Extermination Process

Spiders may mostly be harmless and actually play an important role in our ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean you want an infestation inside your home! If you’re seeing excess amounts of spiders in your home or have spotted a black widow or brown recluse, it’s best to call the spider control team at Dugas. Our spider exterminators will:

  • Conduct a full property inspection that includes the yard, attached and detached structures, driveway, and home.
  • Identify the type of spider or spiders in the property.
  • Treat spider nests outside of your foundation to protect your home during the warmer months.
  • Remove webs from the outside and inside of your home.
  • Seal small common entry points if they are contributing to the spider infestation.
  • Discreetly apply spider removal products in areas with activity.
  • Place sticky traps on the interior to monitor activity.
  • Create a full spider removal report describing the treatment and how you can implement spider pest control to prevent future infestations.
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Professional Spider Exterminators

For the most part, house spiders will not disturb the peace inside your property. While there are thousands of spider species that live in the region, only a few ever venture inside homes and buildings. Unfortunately, the few that do can also be the most dangerous—black widows and brown recluse spiders included! If either of these are seen, it’s important to call the spider removal team at Dugas.

Spider Removal Services

At Dugas Pest Control, our spider extermination is focused on controlling active infestations as well as preventing them in the first place, keeping you spider-free all year long.

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