Why Are Mosquitoes Active in the Winter?

The last pest you may think you’ll encounter in the middle of winter here in Baton Rouge is the mosquito. However, these pests can stick around well into the winter
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Mouse or Rat? 4 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Louisiana Rodents

Many of us are familiar with that scurrying sound in the walls. However, when it comes down to getting rid of rodents, many people don’t care what they’re dealing with
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Keeping Pests Out Over the Holidays

The holiday season means family gatherings, good food, and sharing gifts—it’s a time of the year that so many of us look forward to. However, many different kinds of pests
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A Closer Look at the Opossum

Louisiana is home to all sorts of wildlife and pests, but the opossum is one the most unique of the bunch. As the only living species of marsupial in North
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Why Do Rodents Chew Wires?

One of the most dreaded parts of a pest infestation is the potential for property damage. Rodents are some of the worst offenders in the world of destructive pests. Not
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Are Raccoons Dangerous Around My House?

Raccoons are often considered violent, aggressive, and dangerous. They forage for food in our trash cans and sneak around our yards at night, creating an unsettling environment for the fearful.
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What Are Those Bugs in the Bathroom?

Sometimes, even when we think we’ve kept our bathrooms as clean as we can, we still find that they’ve become a home for unwanted pests. The moisture and humidity that
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7 Common Household Bugs in Louisiana

There are many wonderful things about living in Louisiana, but the bugs usually aren’t at the top of the list! The warm, semi-tropical climate is favorable to pests, which is
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Can You Kill Mosquito Larvae in Standing Water?

Mosquitoes are known to linger around areas with standing water. This is because mosquitoes have to lay their eggs in stagnant water in order for them to develop and hatch
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Mosquito Control Tips for Louisiana Residences

One long-standing joke that many Louisiana residents enjoy is that the mosquito should replace the pelican as the state bird. With their overblown regional prominence, there might be something to
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What Just Bit Me? Identify Common Bug Bites

Bug bites of any kind can be worrisome. Especially when you don’t catch the culprit, bug bites can leave you anxious, wondering what got to you and whether or not
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When Do Mosquitoes Sleep?

In the spring and summertime here in the Baton Rouge LA area, it often feels like mosquitoes are inescapable. With our warm and humid climate, mosquitoes have the perfect environment
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