5 Signs It’s Time To Call a Professional Pest Control Company

Putting off getting help for a pest problem is something that a lot of people do, either because they think they can handle it themselves or perhaps it’s a fear of a big expense. Besides being a recurring aggravation, it can be a pretty costly choice to make in the long run.

Many different types of bugs can cause serious property damage, and if left untreated, can make your home so dangerous for you to live in to the point of forcing you out! We don’t like to see people make uninformed decisions, so we put together a short list of some telltale signs that you’re in over your head.


One of the worst pests you can have around your home is termites. It is estimated that termites cause over 6 billion dollars in damage around the world every year. These voracious insects breed in damp areas, and they can quickly ruin the value of a home by constantly chewing day and night. Also, homeowner’s policies don’t always cover damage from infestation, so you may be out of luck if your home has found itself on the menu.

Wood Boring Insects

As their names imply, carpenter bees and carpenter ants like to make their homes in wood. They can chew long tunnels through your home to lay their eggs and hatch their larva, and this process can cause serious damage to the support structure of your house.

Powderpost beetles are even worse. They chew the wood of your home into a fine powder, bury their eggs in the remains, and then when their offspring hatch, the cycle continues. Without being treated correctly, these bugs can quickly get out of control.

Stinging Insects

While damage to your home is one terrible thing, damage to yourself isn’t any better. Wasps and hornets can nest in eaves, garages, or any other part of your home that offers shelter and shade.

They build quickly and reproduce even faster, and their stings can be extremely painful. In some cases, an attack from a hornet’s nest can even be fatal for some, and many people are allergic on some level to their stings.

Bed Bugs

Small, fast, and almost impossible to kill, bed bugs can infest your entire home and leave you covered in bites. They are known for being elusive and hard to completely wipe out.

It’s not uncommon for victims of bed bugs to tell horror stories of getting rid of thousands of dollars worth of furniture and clothing in an attempt to kill a bed bug infestation, only to have it sprout right back up.

Recurring Problems

Many homeowners think they can get rid of an infestation on their own, but the truth is that even if you kill every bug in sight, you still haven’t accounted for the ones you can’t see in your walls and attic.

You will never be able to get rid of 100% of your infestation, and when you think you have, they’re just breeding in the background and making more pests. Also, doing it yourself might give you a false sense of security, and you might not notice that the problem hasn’t really gone away.

Heavy Infestations

If you can see one bug, then you can bet there are at least a dozen more you can’t. Infestations can strike hard and fast, and can be damaging and dangerous to both you and your home. While you may think you’re ready to handle a few bugs here and there, the truth of it is that you really can’t know how many bugs are trying to ruin your life until you call a professional and have a thorough inspection. Dugas offers free consultations, so there is no reason to put it off!

No homeowner likes the thought of an infestation, but the truth of the matter is that they happen. If you suspect that your home has become infested, then don’t delay. The sooner you call the professionals at Dugas Pest Control, the sooner you can help to save your home, your possessions, and your peace of mind.

5 Signs It’s Time To Call a Professional Pest Control Company in Louisiana

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