Benefits of Professional Pest Control

Pest control is something that every homeowner will have to deal with eventually. Whether it’s rodents, termites, bedbugs, or hornets, there is an entire world of pests out there that can be challenging and expensive to deal with.

For this and other reasons, there is a strong temptation to deal with an infestation by yourself without calling a professional.

While this might save you some money for a minor infestation by a type of vermin that isn’t particularly resilient, trying a do it yourself extermination with anything more tenacious than that will most likely result in you losing a lot of time and money.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the many reasons why professional pest control is a better way.


Overall, there are a ton of benefits that come from hiring a professional pest control expert. We’ll go over them one by one in order to give you a better understanding of why getting a professional is the right call in a pest control scenario.

Eradicate pests entirely

While using a can of Raid to kill a hornet’s nest is relatively straightforward, not all vermin are the same, and not all vermin can be killed so easily. Termites, for example, are notoriously hardy creatures and sometimes, even professional attempts to exterminate them will cause numerous resurgences in their population.

The unfortunate result of many do it yourself attempts at exterminating pests is that you think that you’ve gotten rid of a vermin population only to discover later that they have actually still been there the whole time.

This can cost a lot of money in the form of damages you weren’t aware of, and often, when you do seek help from a professional after having tried to handle something yourself, the infestation will have grown to a degree that it will cost more than if you had just called professional in the first place.

Specialized equipment

The typical conception of what an extermination treatment might look like is probably something that revolves around spraying a property with a lot of insecticide. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A successful and effective treatment requires specialized equipment. In the case of termites, this includes concrete drills and injections rods in order to treat the foundation of a building.

For others like bees or hornets, a serious infestation might require protective equipment or a smoke machine.

Prepared with a variety of treatments

One benefit of hiring a professional is that they’re rarely going to fall back on that can of Raid.

Professionals come armed with a variety of solutions to pest control problems that are often far more comprehensive than anything that even the most inventive do it yourself-er could come up with. This is because they are trained experts.


The kind of chemicals that are powerful enough to deal with infestations are the kind that you don’t want kept anywhere near yourself, your children, or your pets.

Trying to use industrial pesticides can be incredibly dangerous, even if they’re just stored improperly. Professionals, meanwhile, are trained to use these chemicals safely in domestic locations.

Handle heavy infestations

The work required to deal with a really big infestation is, plainly, something that no one without professional experience and training is prepared to deal with.

Knowledgeable about different pests

The internet might house a whole lot of information on many different pests, but determining the difference, for example, between dry wood termites and subterranean termites can make a big difference in how to treat your home for them.

Professionals are far more knowledgeable about the pests themselves.

Dugas Pest Control offers the service you need

Dugas Pest Control is an experienced extermination service in the Louisiana area. We have dealt with all kinds of pest control situations and you can rely on us to deal with pests that you aren’t equipped to deal with yourself.

While the idea of saving a little money by trying out a do it yourself extermination method is tempting, there are a lot of reasons that it might not be the best idea.

Pest control experts simply know what to expect, and we’re better equipped by a huge margin to deal with whatever it might be. Relax with the peace of mind of hiring a professional to handle any of your pest control woes.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control in Louisiana

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