Asian Roaches are here in Louisiana

Asian Roaches in LouisianaHave you heard of Asian Roaches? If you haven’t yet…you’re about to!

The reason? Your neighbors are already talking about them.

Of course, no one wants to think about roaches if they don’t have to, but Asian Roaches are a new invasive species in Southern Louisiana, and we’re starting to see them at our customer’s homes.

Here’s what you need to know about this newly-arrived pest. 

How Can I Identify Asian Roaches?

Asian Roaches look almost identical to German Cockroaches. In fact, you might need to use a microscope to tell the difference!

However, they have very different habits and habitats.

Asian Roaches could also be referred to as “garden roaches.” Believe it or not, they would rather live outside. They love moisture, especially leaf litter and mulch. They’re often transferred to your yard in loads or bags of pine or bark mulch.

Asian Roaches are also strong fliers, traveling up to 120 feet on strong wings. They are attracted to light, light colors, and aren’t afraid of people (unlike most roaches who scuttle away when a light comes on). So if you spot one in your house, it’s probably just attracted to your lights.

German cockroaches would prefer to be in your home. They love garbage cans and anything sticky, and they prefer dark places with no people around.

If you think you have Asian Roaches, a pest control expert can tell you for sure.

If Asian Roaches Stay Outside, What’s the Big Deal?

Even though Asian Roaches may not want to move into your home, they can be a real nuisance and even a danger. All roaches can transfer disease, so this is a health concern.

Besides that, Asian Roaches are aggressive and often displace the other kinds of roaches in an area.

Hundreds of thousands have been found in just one acre of land – when Asian cockroaches decide to move into an area, they usually become dominant.

With such a large population, strong wings, and the possibility of disease, these pests are undesirable to say the least, especially if you enjoy spending time outside your home. 

The Good News

Fortunately, Asian cockroaches aren’t as resistant to pesticides as German cockroaches.

However, their outdoor habitat means that traditional roach treatments designed for the interior of your home don’t work well to control them.

Dugas Pest Control is an expert in all types of pest control. If you suspect that you may have Asian roaches, don’t wait until they take over your yard. Call us and one of our expert technicians  will identify what types of cockroaches you have and eliminate them!

You May Be Accidentally Feeding the Roaches

Do you have an extra guest at your dinner party?

Is he staying past his welcome and bringing friends along?

Your habits may be attracting roaches to your home. Unless you make some changes, they’re likely to stick around awhile and make themselves very comfortable.

Take advantage of our tips to get rid of those freeloading critters for good.

They Have a Sweet Tooth Too

Do you like the sweet stuff?
So do roaches.

The crumbs from your late-night snack are enough to bring roaches crawling out from their corners. They also go after greasy food, starches, and fats. Sounds like your regular junk food junkie, doesn’t it?

However, here’s the creepy part: they’re smart enough to distinguish sweet treats from sweet poison. In fact, German cockroaches have learned to associate the taste of glucose traps with danger. That’s all the more reason to bring in the experts.

But They’re Not Exactly Picky Either

Despite their preferences, roaches don’t limit themselves to a diet fit for a king. No, they’re content to eat just about everything including non-food items like soap, detergent, glue and wallpaper paste. Do you have old, bound books or a large stamp collection? These treasures are delicacies for roaches.

Unfortunately, their scavenger nature makes getting rid of them all the more difficult. Merely taking out your trash and washing the dishes regularly isn’t enough to combat roaches or prevent an infestation. You’ll need to begin with a sanitation plan.

Here are a few basic precautions:

  • Be sure to seal up every bag of trash and dispose of it as quickly as possible.
  • Likewise, close any gaps and cracks in your walls with silicone caulk to prevent more insects from entering.
  • Be sure to check for other spaces where they might be entering like beneath the doors or through cracked windows.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of these pests to find a way into your home.

Watch for wet spots which are also attractive. Leaky pipes and overflowing showers leave nice pools of water for roaches to splish and splash in. A dripping faucet is irresistible to just about any roach. Water can be even more attractive than leftover food. If you have a wet, dark place in your home, you have prime real estate for a roach motel. Keep these places as dry as possible to remove the ‘Welcome’ mat.

Your Attic: A Favorite Hangout for the Big Guys

Dugas Pest Control provides cockroach extermination service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana Roaches of all varieties prefer dark places. So, it makes sense you might find some in the attic. However, there’s a particular type that tends to infest these spaces. They’re simply called large roaches but may also be referred to as water bugs or palmetto bugs. As you might have imagined, they’re pretty monstrous looking.

They have to live somewhere so instead of paying rent, they often squat in your attic. This area is an excellent spot for an infestation thanks to the dark space and long periods of uninterrupted quiet time. Let them take over here and you’ll find them all over your home in no time at all.

This area can be particularly difficult to treat given the constraints of the space. Dugas Pest Control offers a free inspection to develop a roach control plan personalized to you and your needs. They also consider the environmental factors that affect homeowners in the Louisiana area.

If you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation or want to bug-proof your home, call Dugas Pest Control today. They have the knowledge and equipment to make your house a home again.

Are You Allergic to Roaches?

Dugas Pest Control provides cockroach extermination service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana With the coming of spring’s pleasant weather, often comes the return of unpleasant allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, that persistent cough and chronically itchy feeling may not just be the result of seasonal changes.

If you thought cockroaches were merely unsanitary and unsightly, think again. Find out just how much havoc they can wreak on your health and discover how exactly to get rid of them for good.

The Creepy-Crawly Facts

According to WebMD, most sufferers of cockroach allergies can be found in cities. In fact, at least 78% of urban homes have cockroaches. These pests enjoy warmer climates most of all, making them a particular issue for southerners. Regardless, roaches can invade just about any space and their effects aren’t pretty.

Roaches love some of the most obvious places like trash cans and kitchens. However, you’ll still find them hiding out in places like your dog’s food bowl and under pipes.

If that’s not creepy enough, prepare yourself for the ickiest fact of all:

One cockroach sighting means at least 800 could be incognito somewhere else in your home or the surrounding area.

Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

By now you’ve realized that roaches can be a big problem just about anywhere. But how do they affect our health? Cockroach allergies typically present themselves like any other allergy, with a runny nose, scratchy cough, itchy and stinging eyes. They may also cause skin rashes. The actual allergens come from the saliva, body parts, and digestive enzymes of the insect.

Here’s a real problem besides the constant discomfort: asthma. Consistent exposure to roaches can provoke asthma attacks, leaving sufferers hospitalized or worse.

People with chronic bronchial asthma are at high risk as are children with asthma and allergies. Chest tightness and shortness of breath are the most alarming symptoms of all and should be treated by a trusted medical provider immediately.

Tips for Roach Prevention and Treatment

Your mom was right. Eating in your bedroom is a major no-no. Unfortunately, a quick afternoon snack can bring in the roaches fast. Making these spaces off-limits to eating is the first step to prevention.

Next, be sure to seal up and empty out trash cans regularly. Allowing leftover food to sit in the trash can overnight is all it takes to attract a few new house guests.

Be sure to wipe down baseboards, pantry shelves and spaces beneath the fridge and stove regularly. Close up any cracks and holes around the home with silicone caulk. Finally, be sure to fix any leaky pipes.

What if you’re already dealing with a roach problem? Baits and boric acid can help.

However, these types of treatments aren’t a long term solution for most households. They also pose challenges and often dangers for families with small children and pets.

If you’ve noticed cockroaches in your home, felt allergy symptoms or even seen roach feces, you may very well have an infestation on your hands. This situation requires expert attention and services.

Why Invest in Pest Control

Let’s face it. Getting rid of pests is a big task; it’s also something that most of us would like to endure only every so often. Instead of wasting money and time on short-term fixes, go for actually effective pest control. The National Pest Management Association recommends contacting a licensed pest professional in case of an infestation.

Dugas Pest Control offers a variety of services tailored toward Louisiana residents. Our Integrated Pest Management plan focuses on inspection, identification and treatment. This method works to create a plan that focuses on your individual needs and concerns.

Dugas Pest Control not only exterminates pests, we also work to prevent them. Our effective roach control plans limit the chance of re-infestation and offer you peace of mind.

Enjoy a life without cockroach allergens by scheduling a free consultation with Dugas Pest Control!

How Do I Get Rid of These Roaches?

Dugas Pest Control provides cockroach extermination service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana No one likes roaches, except maybe roaches themselves. When you find one in your home, you most likely have more making themselves right at home somewhere you can’t see them.

The hard part is that roaches hide during the day, so they can be difficult to find. Considering that roaches need three things to survive – food, shelter and water – you know that they must be living somewhere where these three sources are available. To confirm your suspicions, check for droppings, egg sacs and exoskeletons, and place sticky roach traps around the home.

First Steps – Making Life Difficult for Roaches

While you’re waiting for your results, be sure to do some tidying up. Clean up piled newspapers, cardboard boxes, paper bags and piles of laundry. Remove fresh fruits, veggies and breads from the counter, clean the stove and microwave, and keep all food in sealed containers. Vacuum, sweep and take out the trash regularly. A clean house is not a friend of the roach.

When you have determined where the roaches are hiding, or at least have a good idea, you can administer treatment most effectively. Since you have taken away the roaches’ sources of food, water and shelter by cleaning up the home, your next step is to move the roaches out of their nests. Let’s discuss the various methods for eradicating roaches.

Roach Baits and Boric Acid

Roach baits work by luring in cockroaches and then poisoning them when they come into contact with the chemical. They can be easily applied in cracks and crevices where roaches hide. Roach baits should only be used in areas that are out of reach of children and pets, and never in food preparation areas.

Boric acid can be purchased in its pure form and then lightly dusted in cracks, especially those openings that can’t be sealed with caulk. The advantage to boric acid is that it’s not highly toxic to humans and pets, so it’s a safer alternative to traditional pest control products. Still, boric acid can be toxic if ingested, so you must keep it out of reach of kids and pets.

Boric acid can be mixed with other ingredients such as flour (to make it stick), cocoa (to lure in the roaches) or sugar (lure). The mixture can be placed in the backs of drawers, cabinets or under appliances, and you may need several cycles to eliminate the problem. A fine sweep of boric acid is better than a scoop, so don’t feel that you need to apply generously to see results.



There are many pesticide products on the market, but the EPA recommends using them as a last resort. Pesticides can be purchased at most home improvement stores, but keep in mind that many do not solve roach problems forever. They work by keeping the problem controlled, but roaches often move to another part of the home. Also, read the bottle, because many products are “contact repellents” and must actually be sprayed onto the roach for them to work.

Pesticide products are much more toxic to the environment, children and pets, which is why they are not a first-choice option. Still, there are some pesticides that must be used to take hold of a bad situation. Here are a few of the individual products you can buy:

Desiccants – Used to dry out roaches and kill them.

Insect Growth Inhibitors – Used to inhibit the growth and reproduction of roaches.

Repellents – Premade sprays that repel roaches.

Foggers – Chemicals are released into the air to kill off the roach nests. You must evacuate the home prior to this treatment.

Emulsifiable Concentrates – These concentrated solutions have you add water to use them as insecticides. Good for covering large areas.


When DIY Fails

Despite your best efforts, you still may have roaches in your home or business.  After all, roaches can survive just about anything right?

When this happens, you can call in a professional exterminator who can get your home roach free. Still, it’s important that you have a multi-step approach, as not one solution will take care of the problem forever.

For instance, if you’ve successfully removed roaches from the home, you must also do your part by keeping piles of clothes or papers off the floor and sealing up food and fresh produce. Certain areas are more prone to roaches than others, but by keeping a clean home and using boric acid at the start of a problem, you can keep roach infestations under control.