Crazy Ants Arrive in South Louisiana!

To paraphrase Indiana Jones – “Why’d it have to be ants?”  And not just any ants. An invasive species of crazy ants, of course!

After a very trying couple of months that included massive flooding and widespread damage, residents of South Louisiana are coping now with another problem: invasive tawny crazy ants, which can cover an entire lawn and house faster than you can say “kudzu.”

“This species is also known as Rasberry crazy ants, named after the Texas pest professional who discovered them in 2002,” said Laura Simpson, President of Dugas Pest Control.   “We’ve been watching this species in Texas for quite some time, and it is now a growing concern for our area.   They seemed to disappear right after the flooding, but they are definitely back.”

One call came to Dugas Pest Control from a frantic homeowner after an entire neighborhood of six homes was completely covered by millions of the ants – not just the houses, but the yards as well. This was no ordinary Argentine ant invasion, and it called for an innovative response.

“Our service supervisor Daniel Hill knew he was dealing with something special so he started working out the best way to eliminate this shockingly huge infestation of ants,” said Simpson.

These ants eat protein, have more than one queen, and coat themselves in acid as a defense against other ants. Their sheer numbers can short out electrical and air conditioning systems, and when that happens, they send out alarms to other ants targeting those systems.

“This is a unique pest control problem,” says Simpson. “But at Dugas Pest Control, we have identified and implemented a professional broadcast treatment that works against these tough ants, as they make their way into our area.”

Simpson recommends calling a professional pest control company with any questions about this invasive species, but advises doing so before your entire neighborhood is covered with them. “The sooner we can get in there and start treating, the easier it’s going to be for us to get rid of those ants,” she says.

Crazy Ants Arrive in South Louisiana! in Louisiana

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